It is an unexpected two-game win streak. The 4th year ‘Seolsaker’ was equipped with a defense.

Gyeongnam, led by coach Seol Ki-hyeon, succeeded in winning two consecutive games in the opening game. Gyeongnam, who scored 6 goals in 2 matches, took the lead ahead of Sangmu Kim Cheon in the number of points scored. Above all, they did not concede a single goal in the two matches.

Last season, Gyeongnam showed explosive firepower, but they conceded a lot of points. He played 40 matches, scoring 60 goals, conceding 61. The goal difference was -1. Teams ranked 1st to 4th, ahead of Gyeongnam, all scored more goals than conceded. Defensive power was Gyeongnam’s weak point to the extent that coach Seol acknowledged it.

They were scoreless in both games played this season. Of course, there was a numerical advantage due to the departure of opponent defender Asnawi in the Jeonnam game, but two consecutive clean sheets are meaningful. Coach Seol brought out the same defensive lineup in the two games. Lee Min-ki, Park Jae-hwan, Lee Kwang-seon, and Woo Sung-sung made up the four-back line. After being discharged from the military last season, Woo Joo-sung, who was separated due to a cruciate ligament rupture, has returned to health. The harmony between Park Jae-hwan, who has been in his second year, and Lee Kwang-sun, a veteran, is good. Here, Kim Young-chan stands by as a backup. 메이저놀이터

Coach Seol has been in his fourth year since he took office in Gyeongnam. In the early days of his appointment, he showed his aspect as a ‘tactician’, but the results did not follow and he changed the direction of the team’s operation. Last season, he tried to change to a somewhat straight offense, and this season, he worked hard to balance offense and defense. It’s still early in the season, and he’s only played two games, but it looks like a successful change. Coach Seol also expressed satisfaction, saying, “I want to give a better evaluation in that we played a scoreless game rather than an unexpected number of goals.”

Above all, Gyeongnam was in a mess ahead of this season. Sexual harassment and bullying within the club were revealed, and even in the audit process, cheating was revealed and received criticism. South Gyeongsang Province threatened to consider disbanding the club or lowering to the K3 League if promotion was not achieved within three years. Consequences are needed to stem these voices. ‘Seolsaker’, which is constantly changing, is gradually making up for its weaknesses.

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