According to Reuters on the 3rd (Korean time), local police and prosecutors said they had dropped all charges against Greenwood.

In January of last year, a woman who claimed to have been assaulted by Greenwood posted photos of her body bruised on social media, and the police launched an investigation, and Greenwood was charged with attempted rape and assault in October.

Originally, the trial was scheduled to take place on November 27 this year, but the prosecution announced that it had “decided to suspend the prosecution.” A spokesman for the prosecutor’s office announced, “It is difficult to come up with a conviction realistically by combining the withdrawal of the testimony of key witnesses and the newly revealed contents.”

“We are relieved that the matter has been settled,” Greenwood said in a statement.

Now is the time for Manchester United to think about it. The key is whether to return Greenwood, who debuted in his teens and played a total of 129 games and was expected to be the team’s top prospect with 35 goals and 12 assists and even extended his contract until 2025. 토토사이트

Manchester United, which had been treated as a player who had completely disappeared for a year after the game on January 22 last year, said, “The club will go through its own process to determine the next step,” adding, “We will not make further comments until this process is completed. “he said.

Although he took a break for a year, since he is still young, if he slowly raises his body, it can be of great help from next season. He has no choice but to be attached to the fact that he is a player who has been raised on the Manchester United team since the age of seven. However, compared to his high expectations, he has a history of being involved in sexual crimes, so he has to pay attention to fans and public opinion.

Attention is focusing on what kind of choice Manchester United will make.

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