Living as the 24th club in the K-League is.
Cheongju FC plays in the first two divisions this season. It is the 24th club in the first and second divisions. In July of last year, coach Choi Yoon-gyeom was appointed, and the formation of the team was accelerated, and many players with experience in the first division, such as Jang Hyuk-jin, Kim Won-gyun, and Ryu Won-woo, were brought in. Last month, the first battery training was held in Bangkok, Thailand.

Director Choi attended the media camp held at the Namhae Social Welfare Center on the 2nd and said, “I will make this a year to promote the club called Cheongju rather than achievements.” As it is a new team, it is difficult to produce noticeable results from the first year. Gimpo FC, which first entered the second division last season, finished in 9th place. Director Choi said, “I have to achieve results, but I want to help many people recognize that there is a soccer team in Cheongju through publicity and marketing. We want to build a sustainable team. 스포츠토토 As the first coach, it would be nice to lay the foundation for the team to develop and pass the baton to a junior.”

To this end, Choi plans to actively use ‘son’s chance’ as well. Director Choi’s son is Minho, a member of the well-known idol group SHINee. Minho also has a great love for soccer. Director Choi said, “My son is busy these days, but fortunately, I think it will be scheduled before the opening. I will come before the opening,” he said. “I am going to use my son’s chance. My son really liked it after I became the manager of Cheongju. He predicted (he will come to the stadium) often.”

So are the players. Goalkeeper Ryu Won-woo, who played for Jeonnam Dragons and Pohang Steelers, is the first captain of Cheongju. He said, “Most of the players came from other teams. It’s a new team, but it’s preparing better than expected. The coach’s goal is 9th place, but the players are looking at a higher place. I think it will be possible to compete in the playoffs,” he said. “I thought it would be difficult, but I think it will be fun and enjoyable. It would be nice if I put it on the stage of Part 1 and retire.” Midfielder Jang Hyuk-jin, who played for Suwon FC in the first division last season, also said, “I have no desire to go to a better team. It is a team with more expectations for the future than now. I am playing the role of passing on my know-how to my juniors,” he said.

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