Mario Balotelli. He is a striker who is famous for being a rare bad boy who causes controversy for each team he goes to.

Balotelli played for Manchester City in the English Premier League (EPL) from 2010 to 2013. Les Chapman, who worked as an equipment manager at the time, appeared on the ‘Ninety Three Twenty’ podcast and revealed an anecdote about Balotelli.

“Balotelli always smoked two cigarettes before training,” he revealed.

Chapman continued: “Every morning, Balotelli took me to a small area behind the dressing room. There were a few tables set up. I had coffee or tea. Balotelli sat back and smoked a cigarette. Balotelli always smoked two cigarettes. I carried Gaby,” he remembered. 토토사이트

And the famous Balotelli T-shirt ceremony ‘Why always me?’ It was also Chapman’s work.

He said, “The first time Balotelli asked, I refused. But in the end I did. I actually printed the phrase on a T-shirt and told Balotelli, ‘Some people will be offended by this phrase.’ , and Balotelli chose ‘Why always me?’ because it was perfect. The t-shirt became world famous, and the club instructed me not to print it anymore.”

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