The greatest striker in the history of the Netherlands, one of the leading strikers in world football history beyond the Netherlands, and a legend who led the golden era of Ajax and AC Milan and won three Ballon d’Or. That’s Marco van Basten.

Van Basten gave sincere advice to players from the Netherlands, especially from the prestigious Dutch club Ajax. Ajax is a representative selling club. After playing for Ajax, advancing to big clubs in Europe is now a formula in European football.

He started his professional career at Ajax, then moved to AC Milan from Ajax and became a world-class superstar. In addition, Van Basten, who also experienced Ajax coach, took a shot at this situation.

The key is to get your fraction right. It means that you should not unconditionally accept that it is a transfer to a big club, and make a decision based on your own value. 안전놀이터

This season, Ryan Gravenberg and Nusair Mazrawi from Ajax moved to German club Bayern Munich. Both players had to face a difficult reality, such as not being able to secure a starting position. Van Basten gave advice to these two players. And this legend’s advice deserves to be heard by all prospective transfer students.

“The choice between Hravenberch and Mazrawy turned out to be wrong,” Van Basten told Netherlands’ Ziggo Sport. Here’s Van Basten’s advice:

“As a footballer you have to be in the starting line-up all the time. The same goes for the team you are transferring to. If not, you should not choose to transfer. You have to have values ​​to give the club something. If you doubt you don’t have it, you shouldn’t transfer. If you transfer when it’s not worth it, you’re just a maid. It’s asking for value and selling value. Salary shouldn’t be decisive.”

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