On the morning of the 11th, Marco Materazzi and Fabio Cannavaro were sitting in the stands at Hyochang Stadium when they were asked what they would like to drink.

Knowing that coffee other than espresso is considered heretical by Italians, the organizers had prepared several options, including iced tea and cola, instead of the coffee options available in Korean cafes. As expected, the Italians, including Cannavaro, asked, “If it’s coffee, can it be espresso?”

But Materazzi said, “Americano is fine,” and when the organizers asked in disbelief, “Hot?” he said, “Iced is fine, too.” In an unexpected turn of events, when the organizers were looking for the rest of the coffee, the reporter delivered the “ouch” that hadn’t yet been uttered. Materazzi accepted the drink, which most Italians despise, without expression, and downed it in one swift gulp.

Materazzi’s translator, Alice Marasini, was also drinking iced tea, not coffee. Having lived in Korea for two years, she said she doesn’t drink Americano or lattes. When I asked her what was going on, she said, “I don’t know what to say because I’ve never seen an Italian drink an iced tea before.”

When I asked Materazzi if he liked caffè au lait, he replied, “In Italy, of course, we only drink espresso. You have to have it. So when I go to other countries, I sneak in an Americano.” “You’re open-minded,” I say, and he smiles. Cannavaro was listening to the conversation from the sidelines, muttering things like, “What do you put in your espresso?”

Materazzi, Cannavaro, and Ronaldinho are in South Korea for interviews, video shoots, and fan service. The two stars of Italy’s 2006 World Cup triumph in Germany were at Hyochang Stadium early in the morning. He was there to observe and give advice to independent club TNT FC.

The Korean players were specially trained in the jerseys of the Genoa International Soccer School, which bears the names of Materazzi and Cannavaro. The Genoa Soccer School, of which the two players are ambassadors, seeks to identify and develop young talent. It has a close relationship with Lasing City Group, which organized the Legends’ visit to Korea. “We are in the process of exploring the Korean soccer market and trying to connect talented Korean players with Europe,” said Genoa Soccer School.

The rain had eased off in the morning, just enough to allow the team to train, but it intensified on the way. “It’s unfortunate that it’s raining so much that 메이저사이트 it’s hard to see their talent and skills,” Materazzi said as he watched the players from the headquarters. When asked what they would like to do in Korea in the future, Cannavaro said, “I want to watch soccer matches in Korea,” and Materazzi said, “I know that Korean soccer is becoming more popular and there are many talented players. New players like Son Heung-min and Kim Min-jae are being produced, and I would like to discover them if I have the opportunity.”

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