Korean infielder Bae Ji-hwan (23), who is aiming to enter the roster for the opening game of the major leagues, went silent in the demonstration game.

On the 26th (Korean time), Bae Ji-hwan started as the 8th batter in center field in an exhibition game against the Baltimore Orioles in the 2023 Major League Baseball held at Lecom Park in Bradenton, Florida, USA.

On this day, Pittsburgh’s O’Neill Cruz (shortstop) – Brian Reynolds (DH) – Ki Brian Hayes (3B) – Carlos Santana (1B) – Jack Swinsky (Left fielder) – Kanan Smith – Njiba (Right fielder) – Rodolfo Castro ( The starting lineup consisted of 2nd baseman) – Bae Ji-hwan (center fielder) – Jason DeLay (catcher) and starting pitcher Vince Velasquez.

In the bottom of the third inning, Bae Ji-hwan, who got his first at-bat with no runners out, faced right-handed pitcher Tyler Wells, but withdrew due to a fly out to left field. In the bottom of the 5th inning, after two outs, Castro went out with a right-handed hit, but Bae Ji-hwan failed to take advantage of the opportunity as it was just a fly out to left field. In the bottom of the 7th inning, with 2 out and 1st and 2nd bases, the result was a flyout in left field. He faced left-handed pitcher DL Hall, but had no hits. Bae Ji-hwan, who came out as the lead batter in the bottom of the ninth, faced right-hander Yenier Kano, but the pitcher grounded out and had to finish the game without a hit. 온라인바카라

Bae Ji-hwan’s batting average in the demonstration game, which went 0-4 in 4 at-bats that day, fell from .270 to .244. The match was lost by Pittsburgh, 4-6.

Meanwhile, Bae Ji-hwan’s colleague and Korean major leaguer Choi Ji-man did not participate in the match.

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