The best clubs in East Asia fight World War II.

Anyang KGC and Seoul SK will play the first leg of the 2022-23 SKT Adot Professional Basketball Championship at Anyang Indoor Gymnasium on the 25th.

KGC and SK stood side by side on the best stage of KBL this season. They have already competed for the best spot in East Asia at the EASL Champions Week. At that time, KGC defeated SK and rose to the top spot.

A new rivalry seems to have formed. KGC and SK have memories of having a bloody battle in the 2021-22 season championship match. At that time, SK, which took first place in the regular league, won the first integrated championship since its founding.

This championship match is on a par with each other. KGC, who came first in the semifinals as the No. 1 wire-to-wire, has a slight advantage in terms of physical strength, but SK also achieved a sweep series in both the semifinals and semifinals, minimizing the loss of physical strength.

What is different from a year ago is that both teams have a change in power. In KGC, Jeon Seong-hyun transferred, and Bae Byung-jun and Jeong Jun-won filled the vacancy. On the other hand, SK does not have Choi Jun-yong (injured) and Ahn Young-joon (military service), the main players of the combined championship. Instead, Heo Il-young and Choi Bu-kyung took the lead and created variables for each series.

The key matchup is Junhyung Byun and Sunhyung Kim, Omari Spellman and Jamil War. The four players also attended the media day of the championship match, and had a fun (?) nervous battle. In addition, as it is a key power that changes the team performance depending on whether it is active or not, the degree of attention is high.

Of course, each defensive matchup will be different. KGC plans to assign Byun Jun-hyung to Kim Seon-hyung, and SK plans to assign Warney to Spellman. That, of course, means the beginning. It was the common position of coaches Kim Sang-sik and Jeon Hee-chul that they would change the matchup according to the progress of the game.

Both KGC and SK are teams that rely heavily on Byun Jun-hyung and Kim Sun-hyung’s offensive power and game management. In the end, professional defenders play an important role in helping them focus on offense rather than defense. KGC has Park Ji-hoon and Bae Byung-jun, and SK has Choi Won-hyeok, Choi Seong-won, and Oh Jae-hyun, who are often called mannequins.

Here, KGC plans to defend against Heo Il-young, who emerged as the biggest variable in the short-term match, with Moon Seong-gon, and SK plans to block Oh Se-geun with Choi Boo-kyung. These matchups can also change at any time.

In last season’s championship match, there were various variables in attack and defense tactics, but this time, the start is the straight attack method. However, since the two directors value detail in the big picture, it will definitely be fun to watch the detailed changes.

Both KGC and SK showed respect for each other as much as possible on Media Day before the championship match. But each has a strong will to win. Byun Jun-hyung explained why he desperately needed to win this time. He knew that this season could be his last chance to win due to free agency and military service. Conversely, Kim Seon-hyung declared that he wanted to teach them how to win in an unusual situation. The motivation to win was clear. 토토사이트

In that sense, the first leg of the championship match is very important. 72% (18/25) chance of winning is at stake. Of course, not all teams that won Game 1 won the championship, but it’s a great opportunity to have a psychological edge. Above all, there are variables as much as it went back to the 2-3-2 system after a long time due to the gym rental problem. Therefore, to reduce variables, it is most stable to hold the first game.

This championship match will have many stories and records. Above all, it is great that the two best clubs in East Asia met again on the way to becoming champions. Will KGC be able to achieve the 2nd overall victory since its founding, and the first triple crown in history, along with revenge from a year ago? Can SK be the protagonist of the first back-to-back championship since its founding? The day of the showdown had dawned.

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