Cheonan City FC and Chungnam Asan FC, which formed a new derby match in professional football (K League), met on the 18th at Asan Yi Sun-shin Stadium in the 4th round of the 2023′ Hana 1 Q K League 2 and scored a final goal like gold in the second half. Asan, who broke it, kept it until the end and won 1-0 and laughed first in the first ever ‘Chungcheong Derby’. In the K-League, the derby matches include the K League 1 FC Seoul vs Suwon Samsung ‘Super Match’, FC Seoul vs Incheon United ‘Gyeongin Derby, Ulsan Hyundai vs Pohang Steelers ‘East Coast Derby’ followed by Suwon Samsung vs Suwon FC ‘Suwon Derby’ It is representative. However, this 2023 season is the first time that a rival derby match has been held in K-League 2.  

Asan City with a population of about 336,000 and Cheonan City with a population of about 657,000 are adjacent to each other, so the two cities maintain the same living area. Asan and Cheonan, which are based on such regional characteristics, are now standing on a single bridge that cannot be avoided as they engage in a competition for pride due to soccer. First of all, Asan is based on Asan Mugunghwa FC (National Police Agency), a new police station team that relocated to its hometown in 2017. However, Asan team was disbanded in December 2019 and refounded as a true citizen club in 2020, and the team name was also changed to ‘Chungnam Asan FC’.

With this as a stepping stone, Asan is creating a sensation in the 2022 season and is solidifying its position as a strong team in the 2023 season by recording 13 wins, 13 draws and 14 losses (52 points), ranking 6th in the league. On the other hand, Cheonan is an amateur unemployment soccer team founded in 2008, ‘Cheonan City Hall Football Team (2008-2019)’ as the parent body, and ‘Cheonan City Football Team’ through K-League 3 in the 2020-2022 season. It is a new team that jumped into the K-League 2. The history of Asan and Cheonan, which continued to be reborn in this way, is now drawing attention to how they will grow in the future. Team development can be further maximized by mutual competition between rival teams.

If so, we need a healthy and complementary competition between Asan and Cheonan, which have formed a rivalry. It is significant that Asan and Cheonan accompanied each other for 90 minutes, regardless of win or loss, with such a positive side in the first ever derby match. In fact, the derby match between Asan and Cheonan was expected to be a radical and wasteful play for the team, adding not only pride but also the earnestness of the first win in the league. However, Asan and Cheonan only engaged in a close battle with fighting spirit throughout the game, but did not lose importance in the game for soccer by soccer. As a result of this process, the victory was taken by Asan, who had a lot of experience in the K-League 2.

However, it is very encouraging that Cheonan, a loser, also raised expectations for the future with lively play that made them forget their freshman side. There is another essential condition for team development. It is the affection and love of citizens. Asan and Cheonan are not corporate clubs. In addition, it is not a provincial/citizen club based on provincial and large cities. It is only a citizen’s club run by small and medium-sized cities that are inevitably financially poor. This follows difficulties in conforming to the truth that ‘investment and performance are proportional’ in sports. If so, what can eventually result from this is a lack of competitiveness.

Therefore, growing pains for a certain period of time are inevitable in order to improve competitiveness. Therefore, in the team development, the affection and love of citizens can precede the efforts of team officials, leaders, and players, so it cannot be overemphasized. If you are a citizen who can always be with the team on the spot in good times and bad times, it is clear that Asan and Cheonan will develop one step further as a team and live up to expectations Undoubtedly. In the world of competition, it is natural to criticize for unsatisfactory results. 메이저놀이터

However, if the team does not humbly accept it and use it as a lever for development, further development is difficult to achieve. In addition, Cheonan, who failed in their first win hunt until the 4th round and lost 4 times in a row, needs to use Asan as a teacher on the other hand. Asan has not been free from criticism like Cheonan due to its slow start at the beginning of each season. However, Asan’s team officials, leaders, and players have become a trinity, and with hard work and indomitable spirit, it has become a stable competitive team as a source of nourishment for development.

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