The Samsung Lions is an injury ward.

Samsung is suffering from the evil spirit of injury even before the start of the season. During the camp, Kim Ji-chan and Hwang Dong-jae were out due to injuries. From the demonstration game to the opening day, injured people came out one after another. Kim Hyun-joon (shaft bone fracture), Kim Jae-seong (abductor muscle injury), Kim Tae-hoon (ankle ligament), Kim Tae-gun (acute hepatitis), and Kim Dong-yeop (left quadriceps muscle) left in turn.

In particular, it is difficult to make a starting lineup because injuries are concentrated on the fielder.

With so many injured players and a long losing streak, the mood of the team has subsided a lot. After much deliberation, manager Park Jin-man decided to renew the atmosphere by changing the entry.

On the 24th, infielders Kim Ho-jae and An Joo-hyung, and outfielder Song Joon-seok were canceled, and infielders Kim Young-woong, Kim Jae-sang, and Jo Min-seong were called up that day.

Head coach Park Jin-man said, “After a series of defeats in Gwangju and coming to Daegu, we decided to change the atmosphere because we decided to change the atmosphere. I hope that the joining of young players will create an active team atmosphere.”

If so, when can the key players come up?

Among them, catcher Kim Jae-seong is said to be recovering faster than expected.

However, the news of the injury of the reserve force to return came again. Kang Han-wool, who was down with the Futures due to poor batting, suffered a wrist injury.

Kang Han-ul played an active part in 12 demonstration games with a batting average of 0.333, 12 hits, 1 home run and 3 RBIs.

However, after the opening, it suddenly went downhill. He went down to the second team in the last 12 days with a batting average of 0.087 and only 2 hits in 7 games. 메이저놀이터

It was a resource that was expected to be able to add strength to the other line if the batting pace increased, but the news of the injury was transmitted.

Director Park Jin-man sighed, saying, “This is a situation where this part (injury) continues to overlap.”

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