“It was hard to believe.”

The Lotte Giants left for Guam, where the 2023 spring camp was held on the 1st. Among the 60 coaching staff and players led by coach Larry Sutton, Kim Min-seok and Lee Tae-yeon were the only new players.

It was not a big surprise that Min-seok Kim, a first-round nominee, joined the spring camp. However, Taeyeon Lee was different. As a sixth-round pick, he proudly made the spring camp roster, beating out rookies who were previously named.

It was news that Lee Tae-yeon couldn’t help but be surprised. In a phone interview with MK Sports, he said, “It was hard to believe at first. ‘Did I really become’? I wanted to (laughs). I was very surprised,” he said. “After time passed, I thought about what to do in the spring camp and what kind of exercises to do.”
Unlike Kim Min-seok, who gained practical experience as a member of Geelong Korea, Lee Tae-yeon had to build her body in a different way. He said, “I built my body from the rookie camp and did not neglect his individual workouts. He did not forget the training method he learned at the rookie camp and continued,” he said. I also tried pitching a few times while doing individual exercises, and it seems to have improved to some extent.”

It is not easy for a rookie to be invited to spring camp. It is not uncommon for Lee Tae-yeon, who is not a top round nominee. He said, “Isn’t it easy to experience spring camp as a rookie? I think it is a great experience. Of course, there will be competition,” he said. “I heard that the pitching team left early. That’s why I’m more worried, but since I’m still a rookie, I’m new to everything, so I’ll learn slowly.”

Of course, Lee Tae-yeon’s joining this spring camp is hard to see as simply accumulating experience. Lotte has a weak left-handed bullpen compared to other positions. 스포츠토토 They recruited several veterans and played a big role in the free agent market, but the left-handed bullpen did not have much power reinforcement. For Lee Tae-yeon, this spring camp could be a stage of proof other than experience.

Lee Tae-yeon said, “It is true that it is a great opportunity. I think I will become a good player in the future if I seize this opportunity well,” he said.

Meanwhile, Lee Tae-yeon is looking forward to meeting Choi Jun-yong at this spring camp. He has already mentioned Choi Jun-yong through several routes. Lee Tae-yeon said, “I want to have a lot of conversations with Choi Jun-yong. He felt very attractive while watching senior Choi Jun-yong’s pitching,” he said. He also played catch for a while in training. I want to get closer at spring camp,” he smiled.

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