The reason coach Enrique is strong is because of the recruitment of Gabi?

Local reports have reported that Luis Enrique, former coach of the Spanish national team and FC Barcelona, ​​is likely to be Chelsea’s new manager.

After the sacking of manager Graham Porter, Chelsea hired Frank Lampard as interim manager. However, after his appointment, he suffered three consecutive defeats, and it seems that his last chance was blown away.

Several directors have been mentioned as candidates for a new director. Enrique is known to have been the first to set up a negotiating table with Chelsea. However, there were no further negotiations after that. And Julian Nagelsmann, who was sacked from Bayern Munich, has emerged as Enrique’s rival.

However, Spanish media ‘As’ reported that manager Enrique would eventually take over as Chelsea’s new manager. Are they taking sides with the media from Spain? There is a reason. 안전놀이터

The media claimed that Chelsea would get high marks for being able to make a big impact on the coveted signing of Barcelona’s 18-year-old star Garby.

Gabi, who became a sensation early on with Barcelona and the Spanish national team, is likely to become a free agent this summer. He has yet to finalize his professional contract with Barcelona, ​​where financial pressures are preventing him from signing. Chelsea is preparing to win Gaby’s heart with an astronomical salary.

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