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Baek Jeong-hyeon (36), a Samsung veteran pitcher, is facing a difficult time. He is continuing his difficult pitching without reviving the upward trend he showed at the end of last season.

Baek Jung-hyun gave up 5 hits in 2 innings against Daegu Hanwha on the 6th and became a losing pitcher with 5 runs.

The bigger problem is that there were three walks. He is Baek Jung-hyun, who is not fast in restraint. If the ball is shaken, you can’t bet on the game.

Most of the hits were also given up by misplaced pitches. Confidence in the changing ball also seems to be waning. It’s a total mess.

The most painful moment was when he gave O’Grady a timely hit with two outs and second and third basemen in the first inning.

O’Grady is a hitter who has a weakness for falling breaking pitches. However, Baek Jung-hyun threw only 3 fastballs and got a right-handed hit.

I could understand the intention of attacking the strike zone of the farthest outside zone, but the ball drove to the center and gave up a timely hit.

The redemption was only 137 km.

In order to endure with that restraint, pinpoint control must be achieved. And you have to be able to win with a variety of changing balls.

However, Baek’s reliance on sliders and curveballs was too high. He threw a mix of changeup and sinker as well, but it wasn’t impressive.

Even against a left-handed hitter, he could not show any significant match other than the outside fastball and slider.

The problem is that the sluggishness is not limited to the regular season.

Baek Jeong-hyeon’s sluggishness began with the demonstration game.

On March 15, LG Electronics was sluggish with 3 runs in 3 innings. The Lotte match on the 20th was also not impressive with 2 runs in 4 innings.

On March 27, the last demonstration game, the Hanwha match was also shaken with 3 runs in 4 innings. He pitched 11 total innings, with 11 hits.

The average ERA in exhibition games was 6.55.

This is the part where you can see that the whole season is shaking.

Redemption was not originally a fast pitcher. Therefore, if the ability to use the control and breaking ball is shaken, it is the same as the weapon that can bet on the game disappears.

Due to the sluggish game on the 6th, Baek Jung-hyun’s average earned run point soared to 22.50. He never functioned as a starting pitcher. 토토사이트

If the slump continues, opportunities are bound to be limited. Samsung has many young pitchers who are eager to develop. Chances to go back to Baek Jung-hyun will continue to decrease in the future.

At this rate, it can be said that it is difficult to keep the 4th starter. Samsung coach Park Jin-man had already sent a warning message to Baek Jung-hyeon during the demonstration game, saying, “If you throw like you are now, you cannot be called a fourth starter.”

Director Park Jin-man said, “I can’t give you an infinite opportunity. I plan to see Baek Jung-hyun one more time in the future.” This means that the opportunity given to Baek Jung-hyun is only one next pitch.

It remains to be seen how Baek Jung-hyun, who has fallen into a total crisis, can find a way out.

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