Park Dong-hyeok, coach of Chungnam Asan FC, who won his first win of the season after 4 games, gave his thoughts on the game.

Coach Park said in an interview after finishing the home game against Cheonan City FC in the ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023’ held at Yi Sun-shin Sports Complex on the 18th with a 1-0 victory, “It was a game that put a lot of pressure on the players and staff.” I looked back.

Against Cheonan, a rival team in the same region, he said, “I showed good performance in terms of speed and tempo and had a good flow from the first half, but it was a pity that I couldn’t score. It was regrettable that he did not score as much as he had prepared, but a valuable score came out. With the first win, the players will have more time and confidence,” he said, giving meaning to the first win of the season.

Asan, who won their first win against Gimpo FC in the 4th round last season, won their first win in the 4th round this season as well.

He said, “I prepared with good memories of the 4th round. At the team meeting, he said that he succeeded in turning around by winning the 4th round last year, and it feels good that that part came true. He came out of a difficult situation and seems to be able to give a hopeful message. I hope you have confidence,” he said, sending a message to the players.

Kang Min-kyu, who scored the winning goal, scored the first goal in the 4th round match last season, and this season also led the team to its first win in the 4th round. Coach Park, who said, “I thought Min-gyu would score a goal even during halftime,” welcomed his performance, saying, “I think it’s encouraging because the team seems to have gained a lot of vitality.”

The offense needs to be sharper to win more. He said, “I want him to show confidence in the box and do things that he can finish with his individual abilities. It seems that in that part, the image of trying to avoid responsibility and pass it somehow comes out. I want them to have autonomy in the box and show their ability to finish using their strengths,” he urged the strikers to exert themselves. 메이저놀이터

It is a great income to win the burdensome game of regional rivalry. He said, “I thought about it (about the rivalry) before the start, but he didn’t think about it because he was drunk during the game. Until he scored, he worried about the need to make changes, thinking about the timing of substitutions. After the goal was scored, he thought, ‘This is a local rival and The Vision.

“I feel like I can bring good energy to the team. It is a great income to be able to have a good time and prepare for the next game because we have overcome a difficult hurdle,” he said about the income from the victory.

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