NC Dinos foreign pitcher Eric Peddy, who is participating in the Arizona spring camp in the United States, showed off his power in the second bullpen pitching on the 7th (Korean time). 

On this day, Peddy threw 35 balls at 80-90% intensity. He was shot with a speed gun up to a maximum speed of 150 km. Catcher Park Se-hyeok, who worked with Pedi, said, “I received Pedi’s ball for the first time, but he moves very well. 

Peddie, who quickly melted into the team, is closest to Kim Si-hoon. On his break day, he had a good time eating at a family restaurant near the team’s accommodation. The place was proposed by Han Dong-hee, the manager of the International Affairs Team, who watched Peddy and Kim Si-hoon get close. 

At this meeting, Peddy asked Kim Si-hoon, ‘As a native of Masan, how about playing as an NC player?’ Kim Si-hoon replied, “It’s a place where I’ve lived since I was young, so it’s familiar and comfortable. It’s a quiet city, so it’s good to focus on baseball.” He also promised that “I will always help you if you need anything while living in Masan.” 

Peddie also used the Korean language he learned at dinner with Kim Si-hoon during training. When Kim Si-hun, who found Pedi struggling while running, asked in English, “Are you okay?”, Pedi answered “No, it’s not okay” in an accurate Korean pronunciation, drawing laughter from the players present.

Meanwhile, another foreign pitcher, Taylor Widener, successfully completed his second bullpen pitching. He threw 31 pitches and recorded a top speed of 146 km. “I’m more used to the KBO official ball than in the first pitching. In this pitching, I focused on the timing of the release, but overall the balance was good”. Widener said. 

Widener played golf during the holidays. Lee Gyeong-jun, manager of the international business team who accompanied them, hinted that “it was a considerable level of skill.” 토토사이트

Widener said, “Golf is the second most popular sport after baseball. When you throw a ball, it spins a lot to one side. It’s helpful to naturally reverse the rotation while hitting the golf to the left. I think it’s also good for relieving stress.” . 

Coach Kang In-kwon, after watching the foreign one-two puncher pitching to the bullpen, said, “Peddy and Widener seem to be different types of pitchers.

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