SSG Landers’ new foreign pitcher Eni Romero expressed his anticipation of stepping on the KBO league stage.

Romero signed a contract with SSG in December of last year for a total of $1 million after playing in the US Major League (MLB) and Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB). Romero pitched a total of 30 bullpen pitches, including a fastball, two-seam, slider, curve, and changeup, at the spring camp held at the Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Florida on the 7th (local time). The following is a Q&A with Romero.

-How do you feel about joining the camp? How have you been preparing for the off-season?
Thank you for being able to join Team Camp. I will do my best at every moment and use 100% of my ability whenever an opportunity is given to contribute to the victory of the team. Even before joining the spring camp, he worked out with a personal trainer in Dominica and prepared well. I want to finish this season healthy.

-How would you describe your playstyle?
I like to pitch aggressively. My strong point is to deal with batters aggressively and make them feel pressured when they step into the plate. 카지노사이트

-What is your current physical condition and goals for the season?
Spring camp has just started, but I am already ready to compete. The goal for this season is to finish the season healthy without a loss.

-What was your experience with Choo Shin-soo?
He played against the Tampa Bay Rays and the Washington Nationals. Most of the players have weaknesses and points that can be attacked, but Choo Shin-soo was a very difficult player to target.

  • Before joining, did people around you give you any advice about Korean baseball?
    I heard that it is a league that is very difficult to adapt to as a pitcher. I’ve heard hitters know the strike zone well and make good contact. I played baseball in the United States and Japan, but in Korea, there will be advantages of the Korean league again. I want to learn a lot about the Korean league. I have a good relationship with Ivan Nova, and since he was a player last year, he told me a lot about Korea.

-What did the manager say when you first joined the team?
They welcomed us and treated us like family. He seems to make me want to be on the team as a player.

-Lastly, a word to the fans.
It’s nice to meet SSG fans, and I’ll do my best to prepare well for spring camp so that I can show my 100% skills on the mound to the fans. I hope to see the fans at home stadium as soon as possible.

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