Gaming platform bonuses are the main tool that allows sites of type Goldencrown casino to constantly increase the number of their users. At the same time, they are extremely useful for users who want to try out the site’s features and even earn money without risking their own money.

In this article, 안전놀이터 we will describe the main bonus programs of gaming platform sites. By studying them you will begin to orient yourself as to what you should look for on the platforms in the first place after registration.

Main Bonuses of Gaming Platforms

Despite the fact that free spins from the best operators available on are invariably popular, the rules of gaming platforms allow users to get a diverse list of bonuses, among which:

  • the aforementioned free spins;
  • no deposit bonuses;
  • bonuses for registration;
  • promo codes;
  • bonuses for the first deposit;
  • cashback.

Each of the options is strictly regulated by the rules, so it cannot be obtained by any workarounds. It is also worth understanding that the more easy to get a bonus, the harder it is to wagering. And wagering rules are mandatory in order to be able to withdraw the balance of the account to a real bank account or account in the payment system.

Free Spins gaming platforms: a detailed description

Free Spins are free scrolls in individual games on the platform. With their help, the user plays without the use of personal funds. Nevertheless, as a result of these free spins it is quite possible to withdraw money to your real account. 

Depending on the rules of a particular site, free spins can be obtained for:

  • registration on the site;
  • Topping up the account for some amount fixed by the terms of the action;
  • Attracting newcomers to the playground by their referral link;
  • Participation in other special promotions and offers of the project.

Free Spins are a limited and special tool. They are not given a lot, they are not given out all the time. Count on a permanent income with them is not worth it. Free Spins are most suitable to get acquainted with the functionality of the playground and just as a nice bonus for those who regularly replenish their account.

No deposit bonuses of gaming platforms: detailed description

A no deposit bonus is a tool that allows you to get bonus funds to play without having to fund your account on the platform. Often, for those who want to get a bonus without financial conditions, the gaming platform creates:

  • a promotion with a visit to the account during the holiday period (for which the bonus is given);
  • event, during which you need to fulfill some simple conditions or promote the project for the bonus.

Withdrawal of the no deposit bonus will definitely require wagering the bonus amount received. You need to be prepared for a 10-fold or 20-fold wagering stipulation that will allow you to cash out the amount won.

Also, depending on the site, the payout will be of one of these types:

  1. The entire amount of accumulated bonus funds.
  2. Exclusively the volume of winnings on top of the bonus amount.
  3. Only the amount of the original bonus.

Therefore, it is important to study the rules of the site in detail before starting the wagering, which can take more than one day.

Bonuses at registration on gaming platforms: a detailed description

Registration bonus is the most common and easiest to obtain. Each self-respecting platform seeks in every way to “placate” the newcomer and gives him the initial bonus amount immediately after creating an account or after registration and identity confirmation.

In the case of the bonus for registration, there are different options for obtaining funds:

  • after minimum wagering;
  • after multiple wagering;
  • without conditions (often the bonus is small and is implemented on sites where registration is possible only with a passport, with no chance to create additional accounts by the same person).

Promo Codes gaming platforms: a detailed description

Promo Codes in the form of a special set of letters and numbers are also a popular tool of gaming platforms. They come in different forms:

  • promo codes exclusively for newcomers to the project;
  • promo codes for older players;
  • promo codes for the most active users;
  • universal promo codes for any category of the project users.

Promo codes are created and distributed both on the site of the game platform and outside of it. With their help, the interested player can get a variety of types of bonuses, among them:

  1. Discounts.
  2. Bonus funds at replenishment (without the need for wagering).
  3. Freespins.
  4. Preferential terms within this or that game.
  5. Other.

Unique promo codes are issued regularly and distributed even by third-party platforms, which have no relation to the gaming platform. Their distributors are interested in you using this useful set of letters and numbers. Both the player and the one who gave him this unique code will benefit (in the form of income for stimulating user activity and attracting new players).

The main thing about promo codes is that this is the tool that brings the main non-game benefits to users of gaming platforms. After all, different types of promo codes are released by projects almost weekly, and most of them are universal (they can be used by both newcomers and old players).

Doing a regular search for promo codes in the news section of your gaming platform and through search engines on third-party sites, you can save good money and get the maximum benefit from activity, deposits, attracting newcomers, etc.

First deposit bonuses on gaming platforms: a detailed description

First deposit bonus is another almost mandatory incentive on most gaming platforms. By replenishing the user’s account in the personal cabinet, depending on the project, the player can count on:

The usual increase in the amount of the deposit by a predetermined amount without the need to wager funds repeatedly;

  • increase in the deposit amount with a minimum wagering requirement;
  • getting bonus points, which will turn into real money after a certain level of activity in the project.
  • other (much depends on the imagination of the administration of the gaming platform).

The main thing is not to create a lot of additional accounts and not to chase these bonuses. Ban from the administration can be obtained even for registering family members who will simultaneously play in the project from the same IP-address.

Cashback on gaming platforms: a detailed description

Cashback is a tool that allows you to get additional funds in situations where luck has turned away from you for a while. Some gaming platforms return to their players a part of the lost funds within a certain period of time (for example, within a month). 

An active player can count on a 15-20% refund, which will be implemented according to one of the schemes:

  • will again be credited to the user’s account in the form of regular money, which can even be withdrawn to an off-site account;
  • will be credited in the form of funds, which must be wagered;
  • will be credited in the form of bonus points with those or other opportunities within the site.

General conclusions on gaming platform bonuses

Gaming platform bonuses are nice and useful tools that allow the user to squeeze maximum utility from the activity on the site. Their use is a must for those who want to get the full scope of opportunities and chances for a positive result for themselves within the project. Bonuses should not be neglected, even at the very beginning of one’s journey in this field.

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