The LG Twins are aiming for their first championship this season in 29 years. At the end of last year’s season, a big change was decided. Instead of catching coach Ryu Ji-hyeon (52), who finished second in the pennant race, they brought in coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop (55). A team in desperate need of a championship said they would recruit a coach to lead them to victory, but an ironic incident occurred in which a leader without a championship record was promoted. It was the decision of the upper management of the parent company, which had a large gap with the field.

In addition, Chae Eun-seong, the ‘fourth hitter’ who became a free agent (FA), and Yoo Gang-nam, the ‘main catcher’, were sent. Conscious of the salary cap, he did not engage in negotiations with an aggressive attitude. When Yoo Kang-nam left, he brought in outside free agent Park Dong-won. In other words, the main catcher was replaced by Yoo Gang-nam to Park Dong-won. Kang-nam Yoo signed a contract with the Lotte Giants for 4 years and 8 billion won, and Dong-won Park signed a contract with the Lotte Giants for 4 years and 6.5 billion won.

Hoejajeongri (會者定離), geojapilban (去者必返). When you meet, you must part, and the person who left will meet again someday. This is the story of three people who came together at LG to win.

In 2013, when ‘Coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop’ took the baton for the first time, the Heroes’ main catcher was Heo Do-hwan (39). The new command tower announced that it would moderately appoint Park Dong-won (33), who was discharged from Sangmu. But the reality was different. Park Dong-won was pushed by Heo Do-hwan in karate. He couldn’t keep up with the director’s eye level. However, it is difficult to say that Heo Do-hwan’s ability was outstanding. 토토사이트 The situation was just that.

The time of main catcher Heo Do-hwan did not last long. In the middle of the 2014 season, Park Dong-won stepped up. Heo Do-hwan’s injury and physical condition took advantage of his presence to increase. That year, Heo Do-hwan played 93 games and Park Dong-won played 76 games. In the second half of the season, Park Dong-won was the main player. Heo Do-hwan, who had been complacent as the main catcher, has narrowed his position.

In early April 2015, Heroes announced the transfer of players. It was a 2-1 trade, giving Heo Do-hwan and Lee Seong-yeol to Hanwha and receiving pitcher Yang Hoon. Rookie catcher Kim Jae-hyun joined, and Heo Do-hwan entered the first team entry for the opening game.

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