It’s a term from martial arts novels that refers to a person who has trained his or her body to the limit through external kung fu, so that the body can withstand any attack. In recent years, it”s also been used as a metaphor in sports. It”s often used to describe athletes who play for long periods of time without major injuries, or who have incredible physical strength.

It”s one of the highest compliments given that one of the best qualities of an athlete is their durability. It”s the complete opposite of a glass body. It”s something that clubs look for in a star athlete with a high salary. In addition to being naturally durable, it”s also important to take care of yourself.

A lazy or mentally challenged player will never reach this level. In that sense, it can be a marker of a player”s integrity. This is why the nickname Geumgang Bulguk is one of the best nicknames for a sports star.

In the KBL, the most prominent example of a player who”s been called a “golden bulldog” is Lee Jung-hyun (36‧190.3 cm). His skills have been declining noticeably in recent years due to age-related decline, but not long ago, he was one of the best shooting guards in Korea. He holds the record for most appearances and has been a mainstay since his rookie year, showing off his durability.

If we expand our gaze to the NBA, there is no doubt that LeBron James (39‧206cm) is the best in this field. This season has been a bittersweet one for LeBron. It started off badly. Poor performances and a string of losses put him in the bottom half of the standings early on. The Los Angeles Lakers’ playoff hopes seemed to be slipping away.

Then, just before the trade deadline, a turnaround occurred. In late January, the Lakers acquired Rui Hachimura from Washington in a three-way trade with Minnesota and Utah for D’Angelo Russell, Malik Beasley, and Jared Vanderbilt. The Lakers have begun to rebound, but their problem has been an over-reliance on LeBron and Anthony Davis (6-foot-10).

The new players had their own niches rather than trying to be a jack-of-all-trades. The Lakers began to play better in the second half of the season as the team began to play together, adding more style options and raising the energy level. 메이저놀이터

Since the trade, the Lakers have gone 18-9 and are a much different team. Although they didn’t finish as high in the standings as they would have liked due to a number of forgotten wins, there’s no denying that the Lakers were one of the teams to make a late-season surge. That surge continued into the playoffs.

As if punching their ticket to the playoffs wasn’t hard enough, they made it all the way through the play-in tournament and then pulled off back-to-back upsets against the No. 2 seed Memphis Grizzlies in the West and the No. 6 seed Golden State Warriors to reach the conference finals. It was the first time the Lakers’ team colors were different from LeBron’s. Unfortunately, the Lakers lost their fourth straight series against Denver, a strong favorite, but their performance was worthy of applause.

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