On the 3rd, a white board was installed on the side of the dugout on the first base side of Changwon NC Park.

It is a whiteboard board used for writing data that is useful for the game, phrases and messages that are helpful to the players, but this time it is for a different purpose.

It is the so-called ‘Peddy Board’ installed by NC’s new foreign pitcher Eric Peddy. Peddy bought it at his own expense and walked it. The purpose is to attach commemorative photos of hitters who hit home runs.

In addition to the home run hitters receiving congratulations from their teammates and the ceremony, I wanted to leave a good memory with a photo. For this, Peddie also bought a Polaroid camera.

As soon as the ‘Peddy Board’ was caught, the first protagonist was born. It was Park Min-woo.

Park Min-woo fired a preemptive solo shot at the end of the first inning, which was 0-0 against the LG Twins held that day. Peddy took the picture himself with a Polaroid camera and attached it to the board. Park Min-woo took the photoshoot in a humorous pose as if cheering for Pedi’s idea.

For the Hanwha Eagles, Oh Seon-jin’s idea came back this time, and Polaroid photos of players who hit home runs are hung in the dugout on the first base side. 안전놀이터

Recently, home run celebrations using various tools have become popular, and Polaroid photos seem to be able to create a new trend.

Peddy became the new ace, firmly filling the vacancy of Drew Luczynski, who returned to the United States. He pitched in 6 games during the month of April and showed a good record of 4 wins and 1 loss with an earned run average of 0.47, and was also nominated for MVP in April.

This good player thought of his teammates and became a home run photographer. Blessed NC.

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