Harry Kane is reportedly willing to give up a significant chunk of his annual earnings to join Bayern Munich.

Tottenham Hotspur and Munich have begun talks, which were originally expected to take place last week but were pushed back due to Tottenham’s demands. Spurs were represented by chairman Daniel Levy and Munich by CEO Jan Christian Driessen. However, negotiations are not going the way Munich wants. Spurs are demanding a buy-back clause and additional money from Munich.

According to the UK’s Sky Sports, “After talks with Tottenham, the Bavarians believe they have fallen short of what Spurs want. The two sides discussed Kane over lunch in London, with talks continuing into the afternoon. There is a gap of around £20 million, but negotiations are continuing. It is understood that if the two clubs come to an agreement, Kane can officially talk to Munich. Tottenham will try to insert a buy-back clause to allow Kane to return to England in the future.”

A buy-back clause allows a player’s original club to buy him back at a later date for a certain amount of money. Tottenham are likely looking to insert a buy-back clause into Kane’s contract to leave the door open for a future return. While buy-back clauses are common in player transfers, they’re not always pleasant for the clubs that sign them. If the price tag isn’t high enough, they could be forced to sell the player they’ve worked so hard to acquire.

In addition to the buy-back clause, you need more money. Sky Sports didn’t reveal the exact amount of money that came out of the talks between the two sides, but they explained that in order for Tottenham and Munich to reach an agreement, Munich would have to pay around €33 billion more.

It looks like the negotiations are going Tottenham’s way. Spurs chairman Levy is a master negotiator, and conversely, he is considered by other teams to be a very difficult negotiator. Once again, it seems that Levy is negotiating in his own favor.

Kane seems to be leaning towards a move to Munich. Reports have emerged that Kane would give up a large chunk of his salary to join Munich.

“Kane is reportedly ready to forgo his final year at Tottenham to move to Munich after an offer from the Bavarians was rejected,” the UK’s Daily Mail reported, citing a report from German publication Bild. The Bavarians had offered Tottenham 85 million pounds ($148 million) for the player, which was promptly rejected. According to the outlet, “Kane could give up a significant chunk of the £20.6 million ($34.1 billion) he is due to earn in the final year of his contract with Spurs. 안전놀이터

“The sum would be enough to close the gap between Tottenham and Munich’s negotiations and would be an extraordinary step in Kane’s transfer.”

If Munich were to sign Kane in the summer transfer window, it would break a club record. Sky Sports reports that “Cabesol

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