Jamsil Big Boy’ LG Lee Jae-won, how many home runs will the number of home runs increase if he plays full-time?

Lee Jae-won prepared to enlist in Sangmu after finishing last season, but withdrew his application ahead of the final announcement. Yeom Gyeong-yeop, the new LG coach, highly praised Lee Jae-won’s talent and regretted his enlistment.

Coach Yeom plans to appoint outfielder Lee Jae-won as first baseman this year. The outfield is saturated with Kim Hyun-soo, Park Hae-min, Hong Chang-ki, Moon Seong-joo, and even a foreign hitter (Austin Dean). He changed his position to first baseman and created an opportunity to play.

With good hardware at 192 cm and 100 kg, Lee Jae-won’s power is one of the best in the league. He still lacks first-team experience. He is expected to increase the number of home runs if the opportunity to play as a starting first baseman increases.

Lee Jae-won has less than 400 at-bats in his first team career. Until last year, he had 446 at-bats and 397 at-bats in the first team. Home run 슬롯사이트 power has high potential. He hit 5 home runs in 154 at bats in 2021, and 13 home runs in 223 at bats last year.

Among hitters with more than 250 at-bats in the league last year, Lee Jae-won ranked third in home runs per at-bat. In terms of home runs per at bat, Park Byeong-ho is first with 0.08, and Choi Jeong is second with 0.06. Lee Jae-won is third with 0.058.

Lee Jae-won failed to fill the required number of at-bats (446 at-bats). He went 253 with 13 home runs in 223 at-bats. 1 home run per 17.15 at-bats. Park Byeong-ho had 35 homers in 429 at-bats in 487 at-bats. 1 home run per 12.26 at-bats. Choi Jeong-eun has 26 home runs in 414 at-bats in 505 at-bats, with one home run per 15.92 at-bats.

Lee Jae-won had few opportunities to play, but his home run production per at-bat was better than Pirella (28 home runs, 1 home run per 20.04 at-bats), who ranked second, and Oh Ji-hwan (25 home runs, 1 home run per 19.76 at-bats), who ranked 4th. He has the talent to aim for 20 or 30 homers if he gets more opportunities to play.

Manager Yeom said of Lee Jae-won, “I will try to make him the 4th hitter on our team. I want to grow like Park Byung-ho,” he said. In addition, coach Yeom said, “Among the foreign hitters who have played in the KBO league so far, the power of Woods and Thames was the best. Park Byeong-ho and Lee Jae-won are not behind them,” he praised.

When asked about the next generation home run king at the KBO Awards Ceremony held in November last year, Park Byeong-ho said, “When I look at talent, I think it is LG Lee Jae-won. He is really good.”

If Lee Jae-won records 450 at-bats this year with the home run pace of last season, the number of home runs is possible up to 26. He has about 23 home runs in 400 at bats. The director said he would give it a chance. The key is for him to adjust well at first base. If first baseman Lee Jae-won’s home run gun explodes, LG’s offensive power will be more frightening than last year.

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