It was a nightmare in 2022. After showing a sluggish performance at Seoul E-Land, he returned to the original team, Jeonbuk Hyundai, but there was no place for Jang Yun-ho (27, Gimpo). He stayed with the B team and looked for opportunities, but to make matters worse, injuries overlapped. It was a severe injury to the hamstring. He was off for 3 months. I tried to escape the summer transfer window, but I missed it because of an injury. In the end, it flew through a year. I had to watch my colleagues who won the gold medal together at the Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games in 2018 go on a winning streak at the World Cup in Qatar.
In 2023, Jang Yun-ho is sharpening the ‘knife’ of his comeback. He escaped from the arms of Jeonbuk, whom he had known since his youth days, and made a new nest at Gimpo FC. Although there have been recent ups and downs, the reason why a promising prospect known in Jeonbuk chose Gimpo, a weak team in K League 2, was solely to play. Jang Yoon-ho, whom I met in Suncheon, Jeollanam-do, where Gimpo is undergoing the second winter field training, said, “I wanted to run. Since I couldn’t run, I lost my existence and was forgotten.” He showed interest. After the season, he offered me another offer. I was grateful that he continued to look at me favorably even when I was not playing well. As it is a team with coaches and coaches who believe in me, I chose Gimpo without much hesitation.”

For Gimpo, I am very satisfied so far. Jang Yun-ho said, “I heard that until last year, Gimpo had no equipment manager or video analyst. Now, it has everything a pro should have. Of course, there are still some areas that are lacking compared to Jeonbuk, but there is no inconvenience in training or living. ” said Above all, director Go Jeong-woon’s existence is a great strength. Jang Yun-ho said, “While playing soccer, I have never heard a coach say, ‘If you are sick, take a rest.’ 안전놀이터 Most coaches prefer to bear in mind to some extent. You have to run with ‘. He doesn’t stress me when I’m actually resting,” he said. “Personally, I was impatient with the thought of wanting to quickly melt into the team, and I was worried that I would get hurt again, but the coach said that and I felt comfortable. More,” he laughed.

He went on loan to Incheon United and E-Land, but Jeonbuk was his biggest fence. Jang Yun-ho said, “When it comes to Jeonbuk, the good memories are bigger than the bad memories. I think it was a really great experience after winning the league and winning the Asian Champions League. A lot. Jeonbuk unfortunately missed the championship last year, but I hope to win this year.”

Jang Yun-ho and Gimpo, who are starting anew, have high expectations. Jang Yun-ho said, “Gimpo definitely has a color. I played a lot of running soccer, but this year, when I have the ball, I pay attention to the detailed movements. I think I need to do well in this part in the middle.” First of all, in the 2023 season, Jang Yun-ho’s first task is to spend a season comfortably. He said, “Because I was stressed, it definitely affected my body. It was really hard. I want to play soccer comfortably this year.” So, I also set the goal of an ‘injury-free season’. He said, “I hope you will think that I worked out so hard and finished well without injury at this time next year.”

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