Jeju United (hereafter referred to as Jeju) unveiled the 2023 season uniform that fully captures the charm of Jeju Island, its hometown.

On the 14th (Tuesday), Jeju introduced the 2023 season uniform ‘Saryeoni’ through close collaboration with Fila Korea, the official sponsor of goods. The biggest feature is that the theme and story symbolizing Jeju Island, the hometown, is melted into the uniform. Both home and away uniforms were produced in a round neck style, and the Mt. Hallasan motif at the top of the club emblem was used as a line, and a size gradation technique was used as a collar pattern inside a square box symbolizing the island shape of Jeju Island.

The design of the home uniform, which draws the most attention, is named ‘Saryeni’ after it was conceived in the Saryeoni Forest. In Saryeoni Forest, Jeju Island, which has become a tourist attraction in Jeju Island, when looking up, trees with thick leaves were shaped, and a rough but intense image was imprinted on the uniform with a crack technique effect. This is a promise to Jeju fans who aspire to a beautiful but powerful performance in the 2023 season.

The design of the away uniform utilized backlog. Inspired by the legend of the white verdure of Mt. Hallasan in Jeju Island, the straight lines of active sensibility were reconstructed with geometric techniques to form a geometric pattern. 토토사이트 Overall, the team’s determination to show an unwavering game even in away games was captured with a strong image.

Functionality was not lost either. Aerosilver mesh span fabric was used. Aerosilver mesh span fabric has excellent breathability due to its mesh structure, and it has a UV blocking function as well as sweat perspiration and quick drying, so it maintains a comfortable body temperature. In addition, the texture of the fabric is solid, which activates energy activity and movement and maximizes muscle movement and recovery balance.

Captain Choi Yeong-joon said, “If you wear this ‘Saryeoni’ uniform, you can permeate into Jeju Island, the hometown. I think it will be a big help,” he said.

Meanwhile, Jeju plans to sell the 2023 season uniforms on the 15th (Thursday) at 13:00 on the club’s official online shopping mall, and details can be found on the club’s website and social media on the day of sale.

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