Ju Se-jong (33, Daejeon Hana Citizen) calmly diagnosed the current location of Daejeon. 

At the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Day held at the Samsung Hotel in Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do on the 13th, Joo Se-jong said, “I think it is 12th in the K-League 1. Gwangju promoted direct last year, and we went through the playoffs. I think the 12th place is the starting point, and I think I need to put in more effort.”

Daejeon finished the regular season in second place in the K-League 2 last year, and won promotion by beating Kim Cheon in the promotion playoff (PO). Joo Se-jong contributed to Daejeon’s promotion by participating in a total of 19 games last season, including promotion and relegation PO. 

Now we are starting a new challenge in the first division. Joo Se-jong said, “I told the players that since we went to K-League 1, we should act and train like K-League 1 players. The players seem to be taking responsibility,” he said.

The following is a Q&A with Ju Se-jong.

– Commitment this season.
After a long wait, they were promoted to K-League 1. Looking at the composition of the players, there are many players who have to compete in the K-League 1. I want to challenge the K-League 1 with the players this season. During the winter training period, physical strength and tactics were supplemented a lot. There is an expectation that Daejeon this season will be competitive in the K-League 1.

-I wonder what coach Lee Min-seong’s training is like.
Even in Thailand, I told the coach that it was the first time that I was doing it this tight while living as a pro. The coach said he’s not doing much compared to last year. I thought that the players who were on this team for the past two years had endured well. I believe that only by overcoming this kind of training can I meet a strong team during the season and survive. After coming to Geoje, we are focusing on the game and tactics as a team. I am adjusting well now.

-Last year, you were a rental student, but you seem to have a different resolution.
The six months was a period of adjusting to the team atmosphere. Starting from the beginning of the season, other players, led by Yoo Min, worked hard to build a team, but I was cautious about stepping out and talking about it. Now he has been promoted as a member of the team and has become a Daejeon player. I will take over the baton from Yoo Min-i and play this season as a captain, so as a senior and captain, I will try to help my juniors go to the K-League 1 and show their skills to their heart’s content.

-Daejeon’s K-League 1 competitiveness.
What makes K League 2 more difficult than K League 1 is that K League 1 each has its own team color and many players have the ability to control the tempo of the game. K-League 1 divides defense and attack time. In K-League 2, there are many players with little experience and many players who are incomplete, so they exchange offense and defense without tempo. No matter how good a player is, it is not easy to adapt to the K-League 2. Our players overcame these things and came to the K League 1, so I think that players with good skills will show a better appearance if they match the K League 1 tempo.

– Current location in Daejeon. 
When I think about it, I think it’s 12th place. Gwangju promoted direct last year, and we went through the playoffs. I think that 12th place is the starting point, so I think I have to put in more effort. 스포츠토토 There are not many changes in our players when it comes to unraveling the game, and there are many players who can play existing soccer. The first goal is to go up one space at a time. 

-Which players are you looking forward to during the transfer?
(Oh) Jaesuk hyung has entered a position we need and is doing well. Tiago and (Yu) Kanghyun are also doing well. I am in a position where I can score goals. We proved it in K-League 2, but we are working together with the expectation that we can lead the development of our team by proving it in K-League 1 as well.

– As a challenger, what do you want from within the team?
When I went to winter training in Thailand, I told the coach that it seemed that the behavior of the players had changed. He said that the players seemed to have made up their minds to show their competitiveness in the K-League 1. I told the players that since we went to K-League 1, we should act and train like K-League 1 players. The players seem to be taking responsibility. That part has changed a lot. It has become a position where we are challenged, but it seems to have become a basis for the players to put down their burden and fight without regret. 

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