In the month of June, Suwon FC’s Yoon Beom-garam was the most active player in K League 1. Daejeon Hana Citizen’s Kim In-gyun regained the top spot for top speed, while Gangwon FC swept the sprint distance and frequency categories with Kim Dae-won and Kim Jin-ho.

The Korea Professional Football Association announced the TOP 5 in each category of activity (physical) data accumulated from rounds 16-19 of the K League 1 and rounds 16-18 of the K League 2 in June. The physical data, which analyzes the total distance run (km), top speed (km/h), number of sprints, and sprint distance of K League players using optical tracking system technology, was revived after a three-year hiatus in 2020.

In 2020, it was not possible to make accurate comparisons and analyses because the 22 K League clubs did not use the same GPS equipment, but since this year, all clubs have adopted the same measurement method, making it possible to make accurate comparisons and analyses of activity data. In addition to expected goals (xG), adidas Points, and the Saves Index, the introduction of activity data and the Packing Index means that K League fans will be able to enjoy the fun of watching soccer with a variety of additional data, just like the English Premier League (EPL) and Bundesliga.

■ ‘Activity Upgrade’ Yoon Beet-Garam tops total distance run

Yoon is considered one of the best technicians in the K League. His passing skills and creativity are among his strongest weapons. However, for all his offensive talent, his defensive contributions and work rate tend to be question marks.

That’s why he was the most active player in the K League 1 in the month of June. He appeared in all four of Suwon FC’s matches in June, playing full-time and covering 46.95 kilometers, topping the total distance covered. It’s a number that dismisses the notion that Yoon is an inactive player.

In fact, since joining Suwon FC, Yoon has taken on the responsibility of captaincy and has seen a significant increase in activity this year. In April, he was ranked fourth in total distance traveled (69.97 kilometers). Second place went to Kangwon’s Hankyung (46.51 kilometers) and third to Jeonbuk Hyundai’s Ryu Jae-moon (45.5 kilometers). Ko Seung-bum (Suwon Samsung, 44.80 kilometers) and Oberdan (Pohang Steelers, 44.58 kilometers) rounded out the top five. 토토사이트

Kim In-gyun regained the top spot in the fastest time category. Top speed is the fastest speed in km/h recorded by an individual player on the field during their playing time, and Kim In-gyun has once again topped this category since April.

Kim’s top speed was recorded in Round 18 against Gwangju FC. After coming on as a substitute at the end of the first half, Kim sprinted to the goal line in the 19th minute of the second half after catching up to opposing striker Asani, who was breaking down the right flank during a Gwangju counterattack. In the process, Kim recorded a top speed of 36.69 km/h, well ahead of runner-up Ahn Hyun-beom (Jeju United, 35.35 km/h).

It was also notable that Pohang’s two foreign strikers, Zeca and Wandelsson, shared the top speed honors. Zeca hit 35.17 km/h against Jeju in round 17, while Wandelsson hit 16.

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