“Even if Park Ji-soo is not there, I will not give up until the end.”
KB Stars will play against Woori Bank in the 5th round of the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball regular league held at Asan Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium on the 5th.

KB ace Park Ji-soo (25) was effectively out of the season. On the 3rd, the KB team said, “As a result of a close examination, ligament damage was confirmed due to a dislocation of the left middle finger, and surgery was required. He plans to undergo surgery sometime next week.”

Park Ji-soo injured his finger in a match against Hana 1Q on the 1st. It was confirmed that he needed 4 weeks only for his rehabilitation, so the season was virtually confirmed.

For KB, which currently ranks 5th in the league, this is news from the blue sky. KB tried to make a dramatic playoff advance with Park Ji-soo, but now it has to win all the remaining 8 games without Park Ji-soo.

KB coach Kim Wan-soo said before the game with Woori Bank, “We have to fill the big gap with Park Ji-soo leaving. The remaining players must jump one more foot at a time. (Park) Even if there is no index, we cannot give up. we are professional players I plan to do my best until the end.”
Coach Kim said, “I will go while increasing the number of players available. I will play man-to-man defense. Eom Yoon-ah becomes physical and rebounding. I think he will do the role for Park Ji-soo,” he added.

In the first half, Park Ji-soo’s absence was a big challenge for KB. Until the first half of this season, when Park Ji-soo could not return to the court due to panic disorder, KB, the defending champion last season, recorded consecutive losses and fell to the bottom 5th place.

Coach Kim said, “In the first half, when (Park) Ji-soo was not there, the defensive part was well implemented, but the offensive part was greatly lacking in confidence. He showed the players hesitation. It seems like our homework to fill in the gaps in the exponent. I am telling players not to be afraid to try. I will try to instill confidence as I play.” 토토사이트

Coach Kim said, “The players are clearly aware of how to break through the situations they couldn’t overcome in the first half.” requested

The player who should take the lead in the attack is Kang Iseul. Coach Kim said, “Kang Isul wasn’t very good for a few games. He seems to have a part that he himself is struggling with and regrets. Kang Isul is a player who should be the main player in our team. He should have come up with a bit more confidence. Kang Iseul has to come back to life so that other players can come to life.”

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