KCC was unable to maintain its advantage in the third game and allowed a come-from-behind defeat.

Jeonju KCC lost 72-77 against Seoul SK in the 3rd game of the 2022-2023 professional basketball round of 6 playoff held at Jeonju Indoor Gymnasium on the 7th.

KCC had a rough season this season. Lee Seung-hyun (197cm, F) and Heo Woong (185cm, G) were recruited, but they struggled with minor injuries. It rebounded in the 3rd and 4th rounds, but was shaken again by injuries to key players. The final score was 24-30. Nevertheless, the 6th place was defended and it succeeded in advancing to the playoffs in the round of 6.

The problem was the playoffs. The opponent is SK, who has won 9 consecutive victories in the regular season. KCC was completely defeated in the first game. In the second game, they had a 15-point advantage until the fourth quarter, but they were shaken in the game and lost the game after a close match that went to overtime. If they lose until the 3rd game, KCC’s season will end.

In response, KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin, ahead of the third game, said, “Now we are home. The players need to regain their pride at home. We have to catch Game 3 and win Game 4.”

KCC finished the first quarter 21-24. Although Heo Woong scored 12 points, it was regrettable that he could not control the opponent’s score under the goal.

But the second quarter was different. A strong defense tied the opponent to 10 points. The field goal acceptance rate was only 17% (2/12). In addition, Song Dong-hoon (174cm, G) recorded 3 steals and made 7 mistakes through strong pressure. Dion Thompson (204cm, F) did not fall behind in the rebound fight, and Lee Seung-hyun also helped the fight under the goal.

It was the 2nd quarter of KCC where the offense worked well. Jeon Jun-beom (195cm, F) scored 8 points, including two 3-pointers, and Song Dong-hoon, who showed good defense, also scored 6 points, serving as a game changer at the beginning of the quarter. In addition, Lee Seung-hyun also scored 6 points, both inside and outside. The score, which was 21-24, became 49-34.

However, KCC was leading by 15 points in the second game. However, they could not survive the 4th quarter and led the game to overtime. I have a memory that I couldn’t use much strength in extensions and lost. That’s why the performance in the second half was more important.

And again, KCC failed to control SK’s second half. In the third quarter, KCC’s field goal success rate was only 17% (3/17). In particular, all eight 2-pointers attempted missed. Offensive rebounds were taken one after another, and the opponent’s quick attacks were not controlled. The third quarter started with a 15-point lead, but at the end of the third quarter the score was only 3 points. 토토사이트

It was still there in the 4th quarter. KCC only scored 12 points. The field goal success rate was 36% (5/14). Kim Ji-wan (187cm, G) succeeded in the basket count and 3-point shot, but lacked support from other teammates. On the other hand, in defense, he could not control Jameel Warney (200cm, C) again this time. They conceded points at every important moment, and on the contrary, KCC did not score. KCC allowed a comeback, and the score gap widened even after that. KCC couldn’t keep the score difference even in the 3rd game, and KCC’s season came to an end.

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