If you could bring only one of Kim Min-jae, Hvita Kvarachhelia, and Victor Osimen, what would it be? The legend coach’s answer to this question was Victor Osimen.

Italian radio ‘Kiss Kiss Napoli’ said on the 17th (Korean time), “Capello pointed out Osimen as the player he wants to recruit the most in Naples.”

Capello is an Italian coaching legend. He has led prestigious Italian teams such as AC Milan, Juventus and AS Roma, and has experience coaching Real Madrid. He also served as national team coach, including England and Russia.

In particular, he is a famous coach who led Milan’s golden generation by winning three consecutive league titles, including an undefeated league championship while coaching AC Milan.

Appearing on Kiskis Napoli radio broadcast, Capello answered “Victor Osimen” to the question, “Which Napoli player would you like to bring when you are coaching Milan?”

Capello said, “If I could only recruit one of Minjae Kim, Hvica Kvarachhelia, Osimen, and Stanislav Robotka, I would choose Osimen.”

This season, Napoli are at the top of the league for the first time in 33 years since the 1989/90 season. Existing players such as Robotka and Osimen performed well, but transfer students such as Kim Min-jae and Kvarachhelia were also decisive. 토토사이트

Kim Min-jae played as the main defender throughout the season, took responsibility for the rear defense, and grew into a player watched by big clubs such as Manchester United. Kvarachhelia’s performance was so impressive that he was nicknamed ‘Kvaradona’, named after the club’s legend, Diego Maradona.

Robotka coordinated offense and defense as the midfield commander, and Osimen played an active part in the attack, leading the league in scoring with 23 goals.

Because of this, opinions are divided about who has performed the most outstandingly at Napoli this season.

With Min-jae Kim in the defense, Robotka in the midfield, and Osimen and Kvarachhelia in the attack, Capello pointed out Osimen as the player he wanted to recruit, indirectly admitting that Osimen was the best. .

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