The Portland Trail Blazers (hereinafter referred to as Portland) defeated the Memphis Grizzlies (hereinafter referred to as Memphis) with the performance of Damian Lillard (32).

Portland beat Portland by 122-112, 10 points in the NBA 2022-23 season regular league away game held at the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee, USA on the morning of the 2nd (Korean time). This made Portland 25-26 and Memphis 32-19.

Lillard played a big role in the game with 42 points, 8 rebounds and 10 assists, and Anfernee Simons helped him with 26 points and 4 assists. Memphis had Jaren Jackson Jr. with 32 points, 9 rebounds and 12 assists, Jaren Jackson Jr. with 18 points, 7 rebounds and 6 blocks, and Desmond Bain with 17 points and 3 assists.

Memphis made a 17-7 score run early in the first quarter thanks to the performances of Morant and Bain, but allowed Portland to pursue. Portland changed the atmosphere by putting in Drew Eubanks early, and caught up with a 3-point lead with Grant and Simons scoring. Morant then scored directly, and ended the first quarter with a 32-26, 6-point lead in a two-man game with Jackson Jr. and Brand Clark.

Lillard regained his shot sense in the second quarter. He completed the Andone play with a stepback jumper and made both 3-pointers and free throws from 3-point fouls. As a result, Memphis allowed Portland’s pursuit to the bottom of the chin, and Portland reversed it by assisting Grant with Lillard’s scoring support. Then, Memphis ended the first half with a 57-52, 5-point lead thanks to the hard work of the bench members centered on Jackson Jr.

Morant entered the third quarter and displayed a performance that went back and forth between heaven and hell. He recorded a lot of assists, but made a lot of mistakes with 5 turnovers. Portland tied again thanks to the hard work of Lillard and bench resources, but was blocked by Jackson Jr.’s defense and could not score the chase. In this situation, 스포츠토토 Memphis finished the third quarter with a 90-84, 6-point lead from Morant’s third straight free throw line.

Memphis didn’t give up the lead as Bain and Jackson Jr. scored, but Simons scored 10 points at the beginning of the fourth quarter to chase them. And Simons scored all of the free throws to chase with a one-point lead, and Lillard handed a lead pass to Eubanks to turn the game around. Memphis succeeded in putting out the urgent fire as Morant put a floater.

Portland, however, was already on the edge. In the ensuing offense, Lillard exploded two 3-pointers, making the Memphis perimeter defense useless. Lillard then succeeded in blocking Clark’s footback scoring and assisting Eubanks’s cut-in.

Afterwards, Portland won 122-112, 10 points over Memphis as Lillard scored 40 points on free throws.

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