The annual salary of Park Seok-min (38, NC Dinos), who is trying to restore his pride, was cut by a whopping 93%.

NC announced on the 27th that the 2023 player salary contract was completed. Excluding rookies and free agents (FA) announced by the club, there are a total of 62 contract targets. Initially, we tried to speed up the announcement of the contract, but one player’s contract was delayed due to a long-term battle.

The salary of pitcher Chang-mo Koo, who signed a multi-year offseason contract, increased by 216% (190 million won → 600 million won), the highest in the team. Pitcher Kim Si-hoon ranked 2nd with an increase rate of 200% (30 million won → 90 million won), and pitcher Kim Jin-ho and fielder Oh Young-soo tied for third place with a 100% increase rate (more than 30 million won → 60 million won). Park Seok-min’s annual salary, which attracted attention, was 50 million won ‘as expected’. The amount was reduced by 93% (650 million won) compared to the previous year, which received 700 million won. This is the largest annual salary reduction rate ever in the KBO League, exceeding 90% recorded by Park Myung-hwan in 2011 (LG Twins at the time, 500 million won → 50 million won) and Lee Taek-geun in 2020 (then Kiwoom Heroes, 500 million won → 50 million won).

A high-ranking official from the club said in a phone call with this magazine, “It’s been quite a while since Park Seok-min’s salary was verbally agreed. (Agreeing on the amount) There was no problem.” NC reached a consensus on Park Seok-min’s 2023 annual salary early after the end of last season.

Park Seok-min signed a free agency contract with NC in November 2015 for 4 years and up to 9.6 billion won. In January 2020, he renewed the contract for 2 + 1 years and up to 3.4 billion won. After the 2021 season, the option for +1 year was automatically executed, and a total of 7 years contract was concluded at the end of last season. However, he did not meet the qualifications for reacquisition of FA, so 2023 was subject to renewal. At one time, attention was focused on whether or not to retire, but his choice was to extend his playing career. In the process, he accepted an unprecedented salary cut. 안전놀이터

Park Seok-min is a veteran who won the Golden Glove in the KBO League third baseman category in 2014 and 2015. He led the Samsung Lions during the dynasty and continued to play an active role after moving to NC. However, in July 2021, the problem of violating the Corona 19 quarantine rules left a stain on his career. At the time, it was confirmed that he had a drink with a non-celebrity woman at the Seoul expedition accommodation, and he was punished by a 72-game suspension from the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO). match suspension).

Park Seok-min returned to the first team in June of last year, but his batting average remained at 0.149 (7 hits in 47 at-bats) in 16 games. On 28 July, he was ruled out of the first-team squad due to back pain and finished the season without a call-up. An official from the club said, “You can know (the result) only after entering the season, but he is currently working hard,” said Park Seok-min’s situation.

Meanwhile, in NC, other than Park Seok-min, pitcher Lee Min-ho (100 million → 50 million won, -50%) and pitcher Shim Chang-min (280 million won → 150 million won, -46%) had a large annual salary cut rate.

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