The reconstruction of Sajik Stadium, which has been a long-cherished desire of Lotte Giants fans, is being promoted in earnest after 37 years.

On the 28th, Busan City held the ‘Final Report on Feasibility Study and Basic Plan Establishment for Sajik Baseball Stadium Reconstruction’. The baseball field will be built in an open format and will be promoted in a way that maximizes the convenience of players and spectators and helps revitalize the local economy through the role of a sports complex.

Since its construction in October 1985, Sajik Stadium has maintained its historicity and symbolism as Busan’s representative baseball stadium. However, after 37 years, players and spectators experienced inconvenience due to its deterioration, and demand for reconstruction continued due to increased maintenance costs. In response, Busan City announced a joint declaration of business cooperation for the reconstruction of Sajik Stadium with the Lotte Giants in October 2021, and has been preparing for full-scale reconstruction.

The baseball field to be reconstructed has 2 floors below ground and 4 floors above ground, with a total floor area of ​​61,000 square meters and a total project cost of 234.4 billion won. The number of seats will be adjusted from 23,646 to 21,000, and the seat size will be expanded from 465mm to 500mm to improve the spectator environment. 스포츠토토

The type of spectators is diversified from 4 to 10 types, and the distance from the backstop (A board) to the spectator seats is closer from 20m to 15m, maximizing liveliness and realism. Considering the viewing environment according to the direction of sunlight, the direction of the stadium, which is currently facing south, will be turned to the southeast to reduce glare during daytime games.

The ratio of home and away fan seats is planned to be adjusted from the current 50:50 to 60:40, and the parking lot, which has only 78 sides, will increase to a maximum of 400.

In addition, considering safety and accessibility, entrances will be distributed in eight locations, and commercial facilities such as kids play facilities, event halls, sports facilities for life, and museums will be built. It is planned to be made into a complex cultural space with minimal noise and light pollution, and a plan to create a stadium to hold festivals and events on days when there is no baseball is also considered.

The new Sajik Stadium plans to go through procedures such as a feasibility study by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security in April, start construction in July 2026, and open in February 2029.

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