If Kim Min-jae moves to Manchester United, the treatment is expected to rise significantly.

Reporter Santi Auna of French media ‘Foot Mercato’ reported on the 12th (Korean time), “Man United are aiming for Napoli’s central defender Kim Min-jae. Discussions between the player’s side and Manchester United’s management took place a few weeks ago.”

The rumor of Kim Min-jae’s transfer to Manchester United is becoming more concrete. In the midst of the news that Man Utd will recruit Kim Min-jae through a buyout, now specific conditions are flowing through the media. Reporter Auna said, “Man Utd planned to offer a high salary. Man Utd has talked about the terms of the contract with Kim Min-jae and talked about the salary of a star striker.”

According to the extent of what appeared in ‘Capology’, a media specializing in 카지노사이트 player contracts, Kim Min-jae’s current annual salary is about 3.2 million euros (approximately 4.7 billion won). Before moving to Naples, he had not received worldwide attention, so he was not offered good contract terms.

But now the story has changed. Big European clubs, including Manchester United, lined up to take Kim Min-jae. The more clubs want to recruit Kim Min-jae, the more competitive the terms of the contract become. Most of the Premier League (EPL) clubs have enough financial capacity.

If Manchester United had prepared a star striker-level salary, it is highly likely that they would have offered a condition of at least 10 million euros (approximately 14.6 billion won). Currently, the player with the highest annual salary among Manchester United strikers is Jadon Sancho, who is receiving an annual salary of 21 million euros (approximately 30.6 billion won). Anthony Martial is receiving about 15 million euros (about 21.9 billion won), and Marcus Rashford is receiving 12 million euros (about 17.5 billion won).

Most of the players who are treated well at Manchester United are receiving wages of more than 10 million euros a week. If reporter Auna’s report is true, it seems that Kim Min-jae would have received a similar offer. Manchester United will dispose of all surplus centre-back resources such as Harry Maguire, Eric Bailly and Phil Jones. In this process, there is room for the salary system. It seems that the leeway created by the player sale will be invested for Kim Min-jae.

Kim Min-jae is evaluated to be very suitable for the center back role that coach Ten Hagh requires. Along with his excellent defensive intelligence, his range is very wide. He has excellent build-up ability as well as the ability to release pressure. Regardless of who he plays with, Lisandro or Baran, Kim Min-jae also has the advantage that the combination is not awkward at all.

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