Kiwoom divided the spring camp this year into the US and Taiwan. In the United States, training is focused on basic skills, while in Taiwan, players who need a lot of actual matches joined, and pitcher Choi Won-tae (26) was one of them.

Choi Won-tae recorded an average ERA of 3.75 in 26 matches in the regular season last year. He started 20 of 26 games and was moved to reliever at the end of the season.

And Choi Won-tae, who joined the postseason entry, continued to play as a bullpen pitcher. In the semi-playoffs, he played with an average ERA of 3.86 with 2.1 innings and 1 run in 3 games, and in the playoffs, he struck out 3 in 3.1 innings in 2 games and did not give up a single run. In the Korean Series, he pitched in 4 games and saved in the 4th game, but in the 5th game, he was hit by a 3-run home run by Kim Kang-min and bowed his head. Kiwoom stayed in the Korean Series runner-up after a close match that went to the 6th game.

Going through this process, Choi Won-tae changed. When he made the save, he roared from the mound with the thrill. On the day he hit the walk-off home run, he even swallowed tears in his dorm. And in his heart grew a will that was stronger than ever.

Hong Won-ki, head coach of Kiwoom, had a meeting with the players before leaving for the US spring camp. Among them, Choi Won-tae felt different from before. Director Hong said, “Choi Won-tae said he felt a lot. It was bright from the eyes. He explained what he felt.”

In a meeting with the coach, Choi Won-tae sincerely confessed what he had to do through his experience of baseball last fall. Seeing this, 바카라사이트 the command tower also felt that Won-tae Choi had changed.

Choi Won-tae, who entered the professional stage after being nominated by Nexen (currently Kiwoom) as the first nomination in 2015, received great expectations from the team, as can be seen from the nomination rankings. In 2016, his first year on the professional stage, he recorded 2 wins and 3 losses with an average ERA of 7.23 in 17 games. From 2017 to 2019, he also raised double-digit multipliers for three consecutive seasons.

However, he stagnated with 7 wins and 6 losses in the 2020 season and 9 wins and 11 losses in the 2021 season. Choi Won-tae, who had been resting due to shoulder pain since the first year of his debut, would get caught up in injuries every year. He even wavered whenever he felt like things were going to go well. The coaching staff even talked about his mental management.

Even in the 2022 season, he won 7 wins in the first half alone, but did not add a single win in the second half. Nevertheless, because he has many abilities, 바카라사이트 the command tower also hoped for his development. Including Choi Won-tae on the Taiwanese camp list was also intended to improve his physical condition early on.

Kiwoom’s goal this season is to win. Choi Won-tae, who has awakened, is also planning to sweat more heavily than ever at this camp to appease his regrets over the past year.

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