‘Rivals of the century’ Lionel Messi (Paris Saint-Germain) and Cristiano Ronaldo (Al Nasr). The relationship between the two players seemed to be over, with Messi still in Europe and Ronaldo leaving for Saudi Arabia.

But no. There were reports that Ronaldo could be angry with Messi. why? What’s going on between the two superstars?

The core of the conflict between the two players is Sergio Busquets (Barcelona). The point is this. Busquets is the last legend of Barcelona, ​​and his contract with Barcelona expires at the end of this season.

Busquets had several candidates for his next move, one of which was Ronaldo’s Al Nasr. It is said that Ronaldo particularly wanted Busquets to join. However, as Messi’s return to Barcelona became more likely, the possibility of Busquets choosing to stay in Barcelona increased. This could make Ronaldo angry.

Busquets and Messi are best friends and long-time honored partners. Busquets was particularly eager to play with Messi again. Busquets was also rumored to be transferring to Major League Soccer Inter Miami, but it was abandoned. The reason is that when Messi came to Inter Miami, he wanted to play together, but when Messi postponed Inter Miami, Busquets also delayed it. 토토사이트

Busquets wants Messi that much. So if Messi returns to Barcelona, ​​Busquets is unlikely to leave Barcelona.

Britain’s ‘Express’ reported that “Messi could either disappoint Ronaldo or piss him off.”

The media continued, “Messi’s move to Barcelona will destroy Al Nasr’s hopes of signing Busquets. If Messi comes to Barcelona, ​​it is clear that Busquets will reject any transfer. This risks angering Ronaldo.” .because Ronaldo wanted Busquets to join Al Nasr.”

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