It is possible that AS Roma’s plans for Korea will fall through.

This summer, South Korea will be hosting a number of European teams. On the 27th of next month, Atletico Madrid (Spain) and Team K-League All-Stars will play, and on the 30th, Atletico and Manchester City will meet. The matches will be part of the ‘Coupang Series’.

There will also be visits from teams with Korean players. Oh Hyun-gyu’s Celtic and Hwang Hee-chan’s Wolverhampton will meet at the Suwon World Cup Stadium on July 26. Joining them are AS Roma, managed by Jose Mourinho, and Incheon United of the K League. Wolverhampton and Roma were scheduled to play on July 29, and Incheon and Roma on August 1.

But there was a catch. AS Roma are considering canceling their trip to South Korea, saying that “the organizers have not given them an advance payment.” Italy’s Corriere dello Sport also reported that “contractual issues could force Roma to cancel their South Korean dates.”

Roma and the organizers are at odds over the ‘advance payment’. 안전놀이터

Initially, Roma, along with Celtic and Wolverhampton, were to receive 70% of the total amount by June 30. They were to pay the advance in May and make up the rest in June to meet the 70%. However, the situation changed when the club suddenly demanded 100% payment before the match.

An official from Untouchable Sports Group, the promoter of the event, said, “Roma told us that they might not come to Korea. The contract states that 70% is due within 30 days,” said an official from Untouchable Sports Group.

The promoter said that they will monitor the situation until the promised 30 days. “For now, we still have two days, so we will try to reach an agreement. However, if the demands continue to be unreasonable, we will organize the series without Rome.”

As Celtic and Wolverhampton are actively traveling to Korea, the rest of the teams can play, except for Roma.

The match between Roma and Incheon will mark the 20th anniversary of the club’s founding. With Roma’s visit uncertain, an Incheon official said, “We are waiting for the situation because we are not the host. If we do play, it will be at the Incheon Football Stadium, not the previously announced Incheon Asiad Stadium, and we expect to receive a call sometime this week.”

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