Tottenham’s next head coach Julian Nagelsmann (35) is also a hot topic with his girlfriend.

A ‘married man’, he fell in love with Lena Urzenberger (30), a reporter in Bayern Munich for Germany’s largest newspaper ‘Bild’, last summer. He and his wife broke up over this issue.

But love and reality are different. Urzenberger also became a problem in ‘Built’ due to conflicts of interest. ‘Bild’ had to withdraw from Bayern Munich when the dating fact was known. And when coach Nagelsmann was recently sacked from the Bayern Munich command tower, Urbenberger also left ‘Buld’.

Britain’s ‘The Sun’ reported on the 30th (Korean time) that ‘as Tottenham are moving to bring manager Nagelsmann to London, his girlfriend has quit her controversial German journalistic job’.

In fact, it was a shock to sack coach Nagelsmann during the A-match period. When the team fell to second place, Bayern Munich immediately sacked coach Nagelsmann, who led the championship last season, and gave the helm to former Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel.

It is said that there was also a girlfriend problem in the background of director Nagelsmann’s hardship. Bayern Munich legend Markus Babel recently told Germany’s ‘Blick’, “After coach Nagelsmann was with her, things didn’t work out. His girlfriend was a big problem internally as well,” adding, “Some players lack trust. “I was afraid that everything would be published in the newspaper.” 스포츠토토

Coach Nagelsmann heard that Urzenberger was fired while skiing. ‘The Sun’ said that Urzenberger would move to the spokesperson of ‘BMW’ from April 1st.

Manager Nagelsmann left the door open for negotiations with Tottenham. He is being discussed as a possible candidate for the next managerial tower along with former Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino.

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