The Queen’s Games, which showcases the best of the best in women’s soccer, kicked off on a sunny note.

Organized by Sports Seoul and the Korea Football Association (KFA), hosted by the Korea Women’s Football Federation and Hapcheon County Government, and sponsored by Hyundai Steel, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Korea Sports Promotion Organization, Star Sports, and Metaverse World, the 31st Queen’s National Women’s Football Tournament, “Hapcheon, the 2023 Wellness and Healing Specialty City,” kicked off on Saturday at Gunsan Sports Park in Hapcheon County, Gyeongnam.

The tournament is a historic event that started in 1993 and celebrated its 30th anniversary this year. All the promising women’s soccer players have grown up through this tournament.

On the first day of the tournament, 15 matches for elementary, middle and high schools were played in sunny weather.

In the elementary division, last year’s champions Namgangcho got off to a strong start, defeating Gangneung FCU12 7-0. Chamsam and Anseong FCU12 also won big. Gwangju Hanam secured a one-goal victory over Gwangyang Jungang in a close match.

In the secondary division, defending champion Seolbongjung defeated Assumption Girls’ Middle School 1-0. Jinju Girls’ Middle swept aside Jeju Seojoong 6-0, while Hyundai Cheongwoon Middle defeated Gangneung FCU15 2-1.

In the high school division, Hyundai High, Yesung Girls High, Hanbit High, and Osan Information High all won their first matches to start the tournament off on the right foot.

On the 17th, the second day of the tournament, the college division will be played alongside the elementary division. Widok University and Korea University, who clashed in the final of the last federation tournament, will face off for pride.

The results of the 16th day of the 31st Queen’s National Women’s Football Tournament in Hapcheon, a specialty city for wellness and healing. 메이저놀이터

-Primary: Gwangju Hanam 2-1 Gwangyang Jungang, Chimsan 4-1 Myeongseo, Anseong FCU12 7-0 Sangin, Namgang 7-0 Gangneung FCU12, Seoul WFCU12 2-7 Chamsam.

-Secondary: Seoul WFCU15 0-3 Danwol, Seolbong 1-0 Assumption Women, Nowon United U15 3-0 Pohang Hangdo, Jeju Seo 0-6 Jinju Women, Gangneung FCU151-2 Hyundai Cheongwoon

-High school: Yeesungyeo 3-1 Chungnam Internet, Gangneung FCU18 1-3 Hyundai, Gyeongnam Robot 1-1 Hwacheon Jeongsan, Dongbu 0-2 Osan Information, Dongsan 1-4 Hanbit

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