There is another European soccer player who is about to win.

This is Oh Hyun-gyu, who plays for Celtic FC of the Scottish Premiership (SPFL). Oh Hyun-gyu, who made his face public by participating as a reserve player in preparation for Son Heung-min’s injury in the World Cup last year, entered the European stage wearing a Celtic uniform earlier this year. Oh Hyeon-gyu, who scored 3 goals in 15 games after the transfer, will lift the SPFL championship trophy when winning the 22-23 season Hearts away match kicked off at 10:15 pm this Sunday (7th). This match, which is expected to be the winning ceremony of Oh Hyun-kyu, will be exclusively broadcast live on premium sports channel SPOTV ON and sports OTT service SPOTV NOW.

After the 33 rounds of full league matches, the SPFL is divided into upper and lower divisions according to performance, and additional split leagues are played. In the upper split, the winning team is determined, and in the lower split, the relegated team is determined, but Oh Hyun-kyu’s Celtic is overwhelmingly in first place in the upper split as well. The record of 30 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss in 33 matches tells the status of Celtic. On the other hand, Hearts, who are facing Celtic this week, are a team with a remarkable difference in ability with 14 wins, 6 draws and 13 losses. 스포츠토토

It is not that Oh Hyeon-gyu is a solid starter in the team. Kyogo Furuhashi, the team’s main scorer, is the ace among the aces who scored 29 points in 44 games, and Oh Hyun-kyu was given the role of backing up Furuhashi. However, even after joining in the second half of the season, he is showing good performance with 3 goals in 15 games, and there are rumors of Furuhashi’s transfer to the Premier League, so if he shows steady improvement, he can grow into the team’s main striker. Will Oh Hyeon-gyu, who is about to play in Korea in July, score his 4th goal of the season against Hearts and add a sure shot to the team’s victory?

The 22-23 season SPFL Hearts vs. Celtic match, where attention is focused on whether Korean leaguer Oh Hyun-kyu will win, can be watched on Sunday, the 7th at 10:15 pm on SPOTV ON and SPOTV NOW. Following Celtic FC’s key matches will also continue to be broadcast live.

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