The feelings of the veterans were as heavy as their careers. KEPCO veterans Apposite Spiker (Light) Park Chul-Woo (38) and Middle Blocker (Center) Shin Young-Seok (37) received applause for their heavy feelings that encompassed the sports world beyond volleyball. 

The two players rose to the podium at the 2022-23 V-League regular season awards ceremony held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul on the 10th with the Fair Play Award and Best 7 (Middle Blocker) respectively. Park Cheol-woo took the winning microphone on behalf of the KEPCO team, and Shin Young-seok delivered his impressions as the best middle blocker (center) in Korea. 

The feelings of the two players had more meaning than the joy of winning the award. Emphasizing the meaning of the fair play award, Park Chul-woo said, “There are a lot of bad words in sports these days. I will try to become a team and player who can play fair outside of the game.” 

Recently, in professional sports, there have been a series of disappointing incidents such as cheating by the head of the front desk, sexual offenses by players, illegal gambling, and disciplinary pardons by the association that seems to have forgotten the past. Park Cheol-woo awakened the awareness of the players as a senior in the sports world beyond the volleyball world. Applause broke out at the V-League event site that day at the senior’s meaningful impression. 

Shin Young-seok, who stood on the podium with the Best 7 trophy and a bouquet of flowers, also deeply resonated with junior players with his veteran-like words. This season, Shin Young-seok succeeded in blocking 1,146 blocks in his personal career, breaking KEPCO coach Lee Seon-gyu’s previous record of most blocks (1,056 blocks) and becoming the all-time No. 1 player. He was also named one of the best 7 of the season. 

Shin Young-seok said, “I achieved my dream by surpassing coach Seon-gyu Lee’s record.” “Now I feel like I have become someone’s dream. I will work harder to become a player that is not ashamed of by juniors who are looking at their dreams and goals.” Then, he handed a bouquet of flowers to Kim Jun-woo (23, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance), who received the award at the male rookie award ceremony that followed. Although the team is different, as a middle blocker junior, he directly congratulated the middle blocker rookie king who was born in 13 years.  토스카지노

This was a meaningful gift for Kim Jun-woo, who had just established himself on the professional stage. Kim Jun-woo promised, “I will try to become a player like senior Shin Young-seok in the future.” As Shin Young-seok said, he became someone else’s dream, and he became a senior who planted dreams for juniors through small but meaningful gifts. His actions, as well as his impressions, deeply resonated with his juniors. 

This V-League Awards Ceremony was a feast for veterans such as Han Player (38, Korean Air) and Kim Yeon-kyung (35, Heungkuk Life Insurance). The veterans showed off their skills even at a fairly young age, becoming good examples for juniors, and furthermore, they created a meaningful place by handing out heavy words to juniors. 

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