KBSN Sports commentator Park Yong-taek (44), the protagonist with the most hits (2504) in the KBO league, gave a lecture at the 2023 rookie player orientation. 

Commissioner Park Yong-taek, who attended the 2023 KBO Rookie Orientation’Meeting with Seniors’ time held at the Daejeon Convention Center on the 12th, told 130 new players about their honest experiences. Park, whose uniform number 33 was permanently absent from LG and was also selected as one of the 40 legends in the KBO League, captivated the ears of his juniors with his clear speech. 

Commissioner Park said, “From now on, all management must be done by oneself. As much as I became a professional player, everything from one to ten is my responsibility. It’s a happy thing to be able to earn money playing baseball, which I love. But playing baseball for money comes with a huge responsibility. You have to be good at managing your body, people, mental, and money.” 

He emphasized the importance of taking care of his body the most as he is a professional who has to produce results. Committee member Park said, “Among the players who did not manage their bodies properly, I did not see a single player who made a long run. It sounds like a nag, but I have to get into the habit of taking good care of my body from now on,” he said. “It is quite difficult for young players to cope with injuries. To prevent injury, you must take care of your body in advance and pay attention to your body while keeping a routine. 90-95% of the opinions of the training part make a decision, but you should be able to choose the other 5-10%. To do that, you need to know your body well, and you have to be able to admit it in the training part.” 

At the same time, Commissioner Park shared his experience as a player. “I don’t have any regrets, but there are moments when I feel regretful. He injured his shoulder in his third year. There was a slap injury. If it was like these days, he would have fallen for it unconditionally, but back then it was different. Since he’s okay with hitting, he thought he could either have surgery after the season or rest and rehabilitate. At that time, he regretted the (immediate) period of one or two years. In the end, for that reason, I started DH early (giving up defense) at a young age. He looked back and said, “It was a pity that he couldn’t try on several national team uniforms.” 

In 2003, the second year of his debut, Park was proud of his strong dog enough to take first place (16) among outfielders, but after injuring his shoulder, he missed the timing of treatment and later received the unwelcome modifier ‘girl shoulder’. did. In 2006, he was also selected for the 1st World Baseball Classic (WBC) baseball team, but after his outfield throwing weakened, he could not wear the Taegeuk mark anymore. 

Even though he successfully 온라인카지노 completed his career, the regret that he wished he had been properly treated and rehabilitated when he was first injured remains even now after his retirement. Commissioner Park said, “Professional baseball is long. Right now, tomorrow is not urgent. There are times when you have to move forward unconditionally, and there are times when you have to take a tempo break and go back. It is not easy to refer to the pain. In the long run, it doesn’t yield good results. When such a situation arises, I hope you will not worry too much.” 

Furthermore, Commissioner Park said, “Management of people is also important. When I go to the baseball field, I meet a lot of people in one day. When you play for the first team, almost everyone knows who you are. They see and evaluate everything from how you greet and receive greetings. So are the fans. If you don’t have time to sign an autograph, how well you ask for forgiveness is also evaluated. Each of those things later leads to salary and free agency contracts. Of course, baseball grades are the most important, but you have to pay attention to the rest of the evaluation.” 

Commissioner Park’s lecture became a big message to the players. Kim Seo-hyun, a large rookie pitcher nominated by Hanwha as the first overall, said, “Commissioner Park Yong-taek said a lot of good things. These are words to keep in mind while playing baseball in the future. It was good to be able to think in advance how not to fall into a slump when injured, and what to do when my body does not follow my heart as I grow older like the committee member later.” 

Doosan rookie catcher Yoon Jun-ho, who had a relationship with Commissioner Park in the JTBC entertainment program ‘Strongest Baseball’ Monsters team, said, “It was a useful time because the seniors said a lot of good things. I was impressed by the things I had to do to my fans and the mindset I had to protect as a professional player.” “Personally, I keep in touch with my seniors. I was impressed by how seniors are always good to their fans. I will try to become that kind of player.” 

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