South Korean midfielder Park Yong-woo, 30, is the top buildup leader in the South Korean Football League, according to a new statistic. Park joined Al Ain (United Arab Emirates) from Ulsan Hyundai in the summer transfer window.

American data firm Asian Football Analytics Zone released its 2023 K League 1 defensive, central, and attacking midfielders’ buildup records on Tuesday (June 20), based on data from football talent search firm Wiscout.

Park Yong-woo is the only Korean top-flight midfielder to have more than six shot-free build-ups per 90 minutes this season. This shows that he has provided the overall framework for the defending champions Ulsan Hyundai’s offense.

WeScout is a soccer talent search company founded in Italy by the American company Agile Sports Technology. It sends more than 80 people around the world to evaluate players and matches. They are highly skilled in video analysis and digital databases.
Park Yong-woo is one of the top 10 midfielders in the 2023 K League 1 in terms of full-time average involvement in build-ups leading to goal attempts. In addition to his top-notch stability, his creativity is also at a high level.

According to the Korean Football Association ratings, Park Yong-woo is the No. 1 Korean player in the K League 1 with 19 or more appearances this season. Even including foreigners, he is only behind Pohang Steelers’ Alex Grant (29-Australia) and Ulsan teammate Bako (30-Georgia).

Park Yong-woo has the height (186 cm) to play center back and the skill to play central midfield as well as set up attacks from his defensive midfield position. Players with this combination of strengths at a certain level are very rare in Asian soccer. 메이저놀이터

Ulsan also has Lee Kyu-sung (29), fifth in the 2023 K League 1 in shot-inducing buildup involvement per 90 minutes, and Esaka Ataru (31-Japan), sixth. However, filling the attacking initiation gap from the back that Park Yong-woo has been filling will be difficult.

His contributions to defensive stability as a defensive midfielder could also mean that Ulsan will feel his absence in the rest of the Korean top flight schedule.

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