Shin Jin-ho (35), who played as a midfielder and captain for Pohang Steelers in the K-League 1 (Part 1) of professional football, is going to Incheon United. After agreeing with Incheon on details such as transfer fee and annual salary, he will conduct a medical test in Incheon on the 19th. Afterwards, he plans to leave for Chiang Mai, Thailand, a winter training camp in Incheon, to join the team. Incheon has been preparing for the new season in Chiang Mai since the 3rd.

Shin Jin-ho’s contract with Pohang was until 2023. Shin Jin-ho had a 2+1 year contract option with Pohang. Shin Jin-ho, who met options related to the number of games in the 2022 season, had an automatic extension option for one year. With one year remaining on the contract, the two sides started negotiations to renew the contract early. Shin Jin-ho, who was in charge of Pohang’s captain, seemed natural to remain.

There was a difference of opinion between the two sides regarding the contract renewal negotiations. Shin Jin-ho, who is treated the best among domestic players in Pohang, wanted a higher level of salary. Pohang felt a lot of pressure. So, Pohang offered Shin Jin-ho a multi-year contract. Even Pohang coach Kim Ki-dong stepped forward to mediate, but the difference in position did not narrow. In the end, Pohang captain Shin Jin-ho did not accompany the field training.

In the meantime, multiple clubs approached Shin Jin-ho. Of these, it was Incheon that captivated Shin Jin-ho’s heart. Shin Jin-ho went through Pohang, FC Seoul, Sangju Sangmu, and Ulsan Hyundai to wear the fifth uniform only in the K-League. Shin Jin-ho has scored 18 goals and 50 goals in 257 matches. Although he is a veteran, he still boasts his skills through steady body care.

Shin Jin-ho is a midfielder representing the league. In particular, he performed best in the 2022 season. He played 32 regular league games, scoring 4 goals and 10 assists. Raised his most offensive points since his 2011 debut. He was also named in the Best 11 Midfielder category for the first time. He was also nominated for MVP (Most Valuable Player). He led Pohang to 3rd place in the league and advanced to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL). 온라인카지노

Shin Jin-ho’s transfer is evaluated as the culmination of the veteran midfielder’s chain of moves. Ahead of the 2023 season, a large number of veteran midfielders moved the team. Yun Bit-garam, who lost the chance to play at Jeju United, moved to Suwon FC in a trade. Kim Bo-kyung, a former national midfielder, changed his uniform to Suwon Samsung. It is expected to be fun to watch the veteran midfielder’s performance in the 2023 season.

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