Will Suwon Samsung rebound? Why did Suwon Samsung fail to use any power in the Suwon Derby?

The 2023 Hana One Q K-League Suwon Derby, which took place at Suwon Sports Complex on the 11th, ended with a complete victory for Suwon FC. Suwon Samsung, which drew against Jeonbuk in the previous game, had a superior atmosphere compared to Suwon FC, which lost to Pohang, but lost completely due to coach Kim Do-gyun’s customized tactics.

Head coach Kim Do-gyun judged that the key was to block the offensive activity of Kim Bo-kyung, Ko Seung-beom and Akosti, who were the core of the attack through the last Jeonbuk match. Coach Kim pulled out a card against active midfielders of Suwon Samsung, Ko Seung-beom, Lee Jong-seong and Kim Bo-kyung.

It was to take advantage of the number fight with five midfielders in the three-back. When the opponent had the ball, wingbacks Lee Yong and Shinsegae came down along with the defense line to form a defensive formation, and on the offensive line, Lee Gwang-hyeok, who was agile, and Lars, who had good physical skills, opened the way to attack.

On the other hand, director Lee Byeong-geun’s Suwon had a similar member composition to Jeonbuk Jeon. However, Kim Bo-kyung, whose advantage is playmaking, was sent to the wing and Basani was appointed as an attacking midfielder.

In the beginning, Suwon Samsung showed a lot of catching the ball, and sometimes they tried threatening shots and knocked on Suwon FC’s goal. However, Suwon FC’s defense was solid, and Suwon Samsung could not threaten the opponent’s goal as Kim Bo-kyung, Akosti, and Basani could not be active. 메이저놀이터

And at the end of the first half, Suwon FC did not miss a shot that came. In a corner kick situation, Suwon FC, who scored the first goal with a header from Lars and Lee Kwang-hyeok, began to take a step forward, while Suwon Samsung slowly began to get impatient.

After that, Suwon Samsung posted a line. For an equalizer, the final defensive line was aimed at attacking, but Suwon FC had already read this strategy and strengthened the defense, while placing Lars, Lee Kwang-hyeok, and Murillo forward and aiming for a counter. 

Even at the beginning of the second half, Suwon Samsung had a lot of possession, but it was still not enough to raise their energy level, and the raised defensive line was a good prey for a deadly counter. Eventually, in the 7th minute of the second half, Suwon FC’s counterattack, which stole the ball from Basani  , was delivered to Murilo after Lars, and Murilo, who scored the key goal, cheered while doing somersaults.

As the score gap widened, coach Lee Byeong-geun hurriedly removed Basani, put in Kim Kyung-joong, and at the same time moved Kim Bo-kyung to the center, and only then did Kim Bo-kyung’s energy level and performance begin to rise. In the end, Kim Kyung-joong took the opportunity Kim Bo-kyung created and succeeded in recovering one goal, but it was too late, and at the end of the second half, Kim Bo-kyung and Ahn Byung-jun created consecutive chances, but the motivation of goalkeeper Noh Dong-geon against his former team was too great.

It was a 1-2 defeat, a loss by one point, but it was a derby defeat that was so lethargic, so the anger of Suwon fans grew even more. In particular, fans who felt that their concerns from the past had not been addressed at all blocked the bus and staged protests. More than the result, the content that was not improved at all compared to the previous one aroused anger from the fans.

Director Lee Byung-geun was also keenly aware of the responsibility for this. At the post-game press conference, sharp questions were raised toward coach Lee Byung-geun. Director Lee Byeong-geun said he would adjust the positions of Basani and Kim Bo-kyung. 

In the match against Daejeon on the 19th, will coach Lee Byeong-geun be able to bring about performance and results that can calm angry fans? Fans are still keeping their eyes open with suspicion.

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