Setter Lee Go-eun (28), who transferred to Korea Expressway Corporation as a free agent (FA) compensation player, returned to the original team Pepper Savings Bank in just six days.

Women’s professional volleyball Pepper Savings Bank said on the 2nd, “We made a trade with Korea Expressway Corporation.” received,” he said.

After going through the rookie draft in the 2013-2014 season and joining the Korea Expressway Corporation, Lee went on to wear the Pepper Savings Bank uniform as a free agent in March last year.

He served as the main setter for Pepper Savings Bank for a year, but recently transferred to his parent team Korea Expressway Corporation in the FA transfer market.

This is because Pepper Savings Bank removed Lee Go-eun from the list of protected players after recruiting free agency striker Park Jung-ah.

It is known that Pepper Savings Bank made a list of protected players mainly with promising players.

Some say that Pepper Savings Bank has taken an unconventional move. This is because there is no setter within the team who can replace Lee Go-eun.

Some fans speculated that there was a ‘believe corner’, such as Pepper Savings Bank recruiting a new setter.

However, within a week, Pepper Savings Bank re-recruited Choi Ga-eun, a key middle blocker, and Lee Go-eun, at the risk of losing the first pick in the new season’s rookie draft. 크크크벳

It is like admitting that there was a mistake in drafting the list of protected players.

Choi Ga-eun was recruited as a special designation at the time of the establishment of Pepper Savings Bank.

Pepper Savings Bank, which lost Choi Ga-eun, prepared for the new season with a big hole in the middle.

The role of Mongolian middle blocker Yeom Erheng, who was unable to show off his skills last season due to various injuries, has grown.

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