Hanyang University struggled to win against Myongji University. 

Hanyang University won 88-83 against Myongji University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League Namdaebu match held at Myongji University Natural Campus Gymnasium on the 10th.

The start of Hanyang University was good. They pushed their opponents with strong defense. In addition, he gained strength from under the goal and scored 6 points in a row. Afterwards, he conceded consecutive runs to Jun Harrigan, but responded with Pyo Seung-bin’s 3-point shot.

However, that momentum did not last long. After that, the attempted shot continued to miss. Only one of eight 3-pointers attempted in the first quarter went in. In addition, at the end of the quarter, So Joon-hyeok gave 5 points in a row. The score was 11-20.

The second quarter was intense for both teams. If Hanyang University followed, Myongji University ran away. Points were exchanged, and the score difference was maintained. At Myongji University, Lee Min-cheol led the team’s offense. Not only did he score his own points, but he also saved the team’s offense through his passes. Hanyang University also responded with a quick attack. However, Myongji University made it 37-32 with Lee Min-cheol’s goal just before the end of the quarter. 토스카지노

Hanyang University narrowed the score gap to 3 points with Park Min-jae’s consecutive goals at the end of the quarter. However, it was regrettable that Lee Min-cheol conceded in the last defense. So the score difference was 5 points again.

After that, they exchanged points. The team that broke the trend was Hanyang University. Blocked the opponent’s outside scoring with strong defense. And continued the pursuit through a quick attack. In particular, Kim Joo-hyung played a big role at the end of the 3rd quarter. In a 48-49 situation, he made a come-from-behind 3-pointer. Afterwards, the opponent scored, but immediately added a mid-range jumper to widen the score. And Hanyang University, who added Park Seong-jae’s free throw just before the end of the quarter, made it 54-51.

And the atmosphere of Hanyang University continued in the fourth quarter. The fourth quarter started with Kim Joo-hyung’s goal. He conceded to Harrigan and Lee Min-cheol. However, the players scored evenly. Jeong In-ho and Park Seong-jae exerted their strength from the outskirts, and Pyo Seung-bin even scored a breakthrough.

But the flow didn’t last long. The score gap was narrowed by allowing the opponent to score on the outside in succession. Park Seong-jae and Pyo Seung-bin fought hard, but the score gap narrowed further. And 35 seconds before the end of the game, So Jun-hyeok scored a second chance, making it 70-72. It was a difficult situation, but Hanyang University did not give up. The attack failed after Operation Time, but the defense succeeded. And in the last attack, Shin Ji-won scored a second chance. So the match went to overtime.

The extension was the atmosphere of Hanyang University. In particular, Pyo Seung-bin and Park Seong-jae were very active. Pyo Seung-bin scored the team’s first goal. In addition, he scored 6 points alone by adding a second chance score and a goal under the goal. In addition, Park Seong-jae also worked hard on the outskirts. Hit two valuable 3-pointers. In particular, he also scored under the goal to end the game. Thanks to the two players, Hanyang University struggled to win the match.

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