“I don’t have any directing experience since 2016, but I will do well”.

Commentator Teddy Sheringham, a former player famous for winning the treble by moving to Manchester United after playing for Tottenham in the past, said in an interview with Britain’s ‘Talk Sports’ on the 26th (Korean time), “We sacked coach Antonio Conte and for the team atmosphere, the team is a legend team. Appoint Sherwood.”

Tottenham urgently needs a new manager. Conte was driven to the brink by criticizing the players and the club in an interview. In particular, there were reports that President Daniel Levy was enraged when Conte responded as if he was blatantly inducing hardship. 메이저사이트

Sheringham, former teammate of the England national team, said, “It’s not once or twice that Conte does this. Now we need someone to cut and bring stability. Sherwood, who served as Tottenham manager in the past, has to come back. He is the best candidate.” Emphasized.

Sherwood, who took over as manager of Tottenham Andre Villas-Boas in the past, showed a not bad appearance at Tottenham as he moderated Harry Kane. However, he was sacked in May 2014, and he was appointed to Aston Villa in 2015, but left the scene with only a disappointing appearance.

Sherringham said of Sherwood, who has not had field experience since 2016, “Still, he is a person who knows what to do as a manager. He has been fired a lot, but he knows football well. We have to give him the managerial position and polish it through the team reorganization.” revealed

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