Yesterday’s teammates became tomorrow’s enemies when they competed in an MLB event together.
Ashton Lansdell (22), who competed in the MLB Home Run Derby X last September with Korea Women’s National Team Head Coach Jung Keun-woo, was selected to play for the U.S. Women’s National Team. At the time, Lansdell was playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers with coach Jung Geun-woo. But now, they’re adversaries on the world stage.

On Thursday (Aug. 14), USA Baseball announced its final 20-man roster for the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBSC) in Thunder Bay, Canada, in August. That includes Lansdell.

Lansdell is a “prodigy” who was selected to the U.S. National Baseball Team at the age of 17. The two-handed hitter appeared in five games for the 2022 squad, batting .412 with a .444 on-base percentage, .941 slugging percentage, seven hits and six RBIs. He also revealed that his fastball tops out at 136 kilometers per hour.

Kelsie Whitmore (25), the first American female professional baseball player, was also selected. Whitmore signed with the Staten Island FerryHawks, an American minor league team, in April of last year. She is the first female player to sign with a professional team.

Also selected was Olivia Pichardo-19 of Brown University, the first woman to play at the highest collegiate level, D1.

In an exclusive written interview with Sports Seoul last year, Lansdell said, “Whitmore’s professional contract is a huge step forward for women in baseball. It proves that our women can play at a high level.” Pichardo is also the first woman to play at the highest collegiate level, D1. It’s beautiful to see Whitmore, Pizzardo, and other women breaking down barriers to play baseball.”

Joining Rensdell on the roster is Alex Hugo-28, who traveled to South Korea last year for the Home Run Derby X. Hugo was a member of the team. Hugo played in all seven games of the Pan American Games, batting .652 with 18 RBIs, four home runs, 15 hits, and six stolen bases to lead the United States to victory.

Hugo gave an exclusive written interview to Sports Seoul last year, where she talked about playing for the South Korean women’s national team. 해외안전놀이터 추천

The United States Women’s National Team is ranked fourth in the world. The team has lost some ground to Japan, the United States, and Canada in recent years, but they have won two World Baseball Cups (2004 and 2006). They have finished in the top three in all eight editions of the World Baseball Classic except for the most recent one (2018). The U.S. has assembled its strongest squad yet in hopes of reclaiming the title it has repeatedly lost to Japan.

Meanwhile, the South Korean women’s national team (ranked 10th in the world), led by former Lotte-LG manager Yang Sang-moon, was drawn in the same Group A as the USA at the 2023 World Baseball Classic. The team will play its second group game against the United States on Aug. 9 at 11:30 a.m. local time.

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