Hwang Eui-jo (30) also chose FC Seoul. Seoul has definitely established itself as an attractive option for European players.

Seoul officially announced on the 5th that “Hwang Eui-jo has been confirmed on loan.” Hwang Ui-jo will play in the K-League as a Seoul player until this summer, and when the 2023-24 season begins, he will return to his original team, Nottingham Forest in the English Premier League (EPL).

Hwang Eui-jo planned to temporarily leave Europe in accordance with FIFA rules. In the FIFA rules, there is a clause that ‘you cannot belong to more than 3 teams in one continent in one season’. Having played for Bordeaux (France) at the beginning of the season and transferred to Olympiacos (Greece) on loan, he was unable to transfer to Europe for the remainder of this season.

On the 6th, Hwang Ui-jo, who departed for Kagoshima, Japan, the second training ground in Seoul via Incheon International Airport, met with reporters and said, “There were proposals from the United States and other teams. However, as an opportunity to recover in Europe, he chose to transfer to Seoul on loan.”

He decided that Seoul would be a better choice if he wanted to return to Europe and continue his career. This is a familiar picture. Last year, Hwang In-beom (26, Olympiacos) left a short and big impact with Seoul and transferred to Olympiacos in the summer. At the time, Hwang In-beom pushed for a return to Korea because his former team, Rubin Kazan (Russia), was sanctioned by FIFA.

Hwang In-beom wanted a short-term contract. As a result of Seoul and’Kungjjak’ being well matched, in the first half of the 2022 season, he wore a Seoul uniform and stirred the K-League 1 stage. As a result, he received a love call from Olympiacos in the summer of 2022 and was able to go to Europe again.

There are many cases of holding hands with Seoul when Europeans return to the K-League. Ki Sung-yong (34) returned to Seoul in the summer of 2020 and took over the captain’s armband. He returned to his parents’ team where he fulfilled his dream when he was young and is still active.

Ji Dong-won (31) moved to Seoul from Mainz in Germany in the summer of 2021. After playing for the Jeonnam Dragons and playing in England and Germany for 10 years, he chose Seoul, which he had no ties to, as his return team. At the time, Ji Dong-won told the background of his move to Seoul, saying, “(Ki) Seong-yong and (Park) Joo-young told me a lot of good things about Seoul.”

In 2015, a long time ago, Park Joo-young (35) returned to Seoul. Park Joo-young made his K-League debut in Seoul and received the Rookie of the Year award, playing for AS Monaco in France, Arsenal in England, Watford, and Celta Vigo in Spain. 온라인바카라 Afterwards, in his parent team Seoul, as his older brother, he demonstrated leadership by bringing together his younger siblings.

There were many European players such as Ki Sung-yueng, the capital club that attracted the most attention in the K-League, and the team that is currently the leader, as well as the philosophy and know-how of the club that is actively advancing into Europe, are analyzed as reasons why European players choose Seoul as their return destination.

An official from the soccer world said, “For players who played in Europe, Seoul is a team with great merit. In some cases, the family lives in Seoul, and you can develop your dream of being selected for the national team and re-entering Europe. It means a lot to Seoul.”

Another official mentioned the Hwang In-beom case. He said, “Didn’t Hwang In-beom go straight to Europe after a short run in Seoul? In the eyes of European agents, Hwang In-beom’s case is special. Like Hwang In-beom, he thinks that he can go to Europe again through Seoul, so when he returns to the K-League, he sometimes chooses Seoul,” he explained.

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