It is said that Ronaldo has decided to return to the European stage after 4 months of playing in Saudi Arabia.

Spanish media El Nacional said on the 2nd (Korean time), ‘I want Ronaldo to leave Saudi Arabia and return to Real Madrid. It is difficult for Ronaldo to continue to play in Saudi Arabia,” he said. “It is incredibly difficult for Ronaldo to adapt to Saudi Arabia’s closed culture. The language barrier is also an obstacle preventing Ronaldo from adapting to Al Nasr.

The media said, ‘Ronaldo misses his time at Real Madrid greatly. Ronaldo wants to live in Madrid again ‘but’ Real Madrid president Perez has offered Ronaldo a job, but he is not a player. The possibility of Ronaldo returning to Real Madrid as a player is closed. Perez said he would offer Ronaldo the position of ambassador.

Ronaldo was released from Manchester United last year after a controversial interview with his team Manchester United (hereinafter referred to as Man United) and manager Ten Hag was controversial. Ronaldo, who has not been affiliated since, also conducted personal training at the Real Madrid training ground prior to joining Al Nasr in January. While playing for Real Madrid from 2009 to 2018, Ronaldo won a number of trophies, including winning four UEFA Champions League titles and two Primera Liga titles, but Real Madrid is looking forward to Ronaldo’s return as a player. expressed disapproval of it. ㅋㅋㅋ벳

Ronaldo has scored 12 goals in the Saudi Arabia Pro League this season after making his debut for Al Nasr in January. Al-Nasr is in second place in the Saudi Arabia Pro League this season and has also been eliminated from the King’s Cup, so Ronaldo is likely to end up without a match this season.

Ronaldo has been controversial this season for his often violent behavior when Al Nasr loses or when he fails to score. When Al Ittihad lost the league lead after losing to Al Ittihad in March, Ronaldo took violent actions, including throwing the captain’s armband. In response, Al Hadlaq of Al Jazeera, an Arab media outlet, said, ‘Saudi Arabia’s tourism minister must intervene and warn Ronaldo to stop unsportsmanlike behavior. Ronaldo’s actions are tarnishing Saudi Arabia’s image.

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